Clark 1Mattress: DW 800 Comfy Medium-Firm

Adjustable Bed: Queen Size Uberflex MX4 Four-motor system

RV Model: Monaco Executive, Model 42SBW


We replaced a 20-year-old Sleep Number that we tried everything to make it more comfortable.  Such as a new foam topper, new side foam pieces and other things to make it work for us – but to no avail. We looked at the new Sleep Number models but the old mattress’ air chambers etc. were the same as the new models. The only things that seem to have been changed with the new models, in 20 years, are the controls and higher prices for the varying models.

My wife has a bad back, with pain in her neck area (Not Me) and arthritis. My back has been broken twice, both knees are bad, bad left rotator cuff and a few other broken items over the years.  So, we needed a bed that would allow us a more comfortable sleep and the ability to raise the bed to watch TV.  Since I wear Trifocal glasses, I needed to be able to sit up and watch the TV so I would be looking through the proper part of the lenses, and Ellen wanted the adjustable bed to be more comfortable, and to be more comfortable when she watches her favorite TV programs: other than what is on the main TV.

We purchased the Axel Bloom Uberflex Mx4 and the Dream Wave 800 mattress as a system. We selected the MX4, over the other electric models, because the foot section of the bed raised up further than the others, which allows access to the storage compartment underneath, on our bedroom slide, with the ease of pushing a couple buttons (one for each side).

I removed all of the plywood base and installed 3 pieces of 1/2″ X 3″ X .120 rectangular steel to support the bed frames: 0.085 wall thickness would have worked just as well, but was not available, when I needed it. By completely removing the plywood top of the base, we also have full access at any time to the storage and electronics at the head of the bed because the head of the bed also raises.

Clark3Clark 4Clark 2We had Ellen’s side fine-tuned after a couple of nights and she is sleeping comfortably, and watching TV in bed has never been more comfortable! I am still experimenting to get the best arrangement of the adjustable pods to make the bed even more comfortable than it already is. My wife says I am a perfectionist, so I always try for that  little extra fine adjustment, when she says hers is fine.

God Bless and have a super Sunday,

Larry H.Clark

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