RV Adjustable Bed: 
Two custom Quattroflex MX 2 adjustable beds, each approx 35 X 78 inch.
– Cut back external frame 31.5 inch.
– Cut 5 inches off the foot external frame; add extension 3-4 inch to head
This will leave about 48-49 inches of the frame to rest on the foot section at the bottom. And leeway to move the adjustable an inch further down if necessary. Provide 4 L- brackets for each adjustable to screw onto platform.

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy)  Two custom mattresses, each approx 35 X 78 inches. DW 800 is medium-firm (to the comfy) mattress.

RV Model: 2018 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP
Customer Location: Atascosa, TX

Customers: Richard and Melissa Baugh

Four boxes delivered by Fedex Freight. Two boxes for the two adjustable beds and accessories. The other two boxes contain the mattresses.

This is the adjustable bed with instructions to locate the foot and side stoppers for keeping the two mattresses from sliding off. The stoppers will be will be screwed on later.

Side profile of one adjustable bed.

Location of one side stopper beside the shoulder.

These side stoppers are located beside the foot region.

The foot stopper is the last item to be screwed after placing the mattress on the adjustable bed so one can decide the final position of the mattress.

View of platform before screwing on our two adjustable beds.

View of foot section. Note the edges of the platform which we had to factor in when measuring the width of the platform.

Length of platform is 80 inches.

Width of platform is 72 inches but we wanted to avoid the window valence and side table when the back of the adjustable bed is raised so we worked with a narrower 70 inch platform foot print.

This was the gap between the upper and lower platform so we knew where to cut off the back of the external adjustable bed frame so the inner adjustable frame could bend with the lower platform when it was raised to access the storage area.

The 26 inch is the length of the upper platform.

This 49 inch is the length of the lower platform.

This railing was part of the original bed stoppers to keep the original mattress from sliding off.

Moment of truth to verify that our measurements were correct.

Once it is placed in the final position, there are four L-shaped metal brackets which are screwed to the underside of the bed which are then screwed on the platform to keep the bed from moving around.

The foot stoppers, transformers and wireless controllers are still packed under the foot section.

The parts here are the two wireless controllers, two white box transformers , two foot stoppers, four side stoppers and spare red firmness inserts to stiffen the flexible plastic pods. These red inserts are for the Quattroflex MX2 adjustable bed model.

To install the side stopper, the slat assemblies are removed that are adjacent to two holes (see inner side of plastic frame for location of two pre-drilled holes).

Here the side stopper is hooked into the two holes and are ready to be secured with supplied screws into the holes made on the hooks. Note: do not screw all the way as it will break off the head of the screw.

Note the screws have been secured on the two hooks.

The side stopper just avoided grazing the side table. Later on we had a problem with this small gap as excess bedding here jammed the proper operation of the motor. Could have made the adjustable bed maybe 1/2 inch narrower or moved the two adjustable beds closer together to create a larger air gap in this region.

Location of one of four pre-installed L-shape bracket to attached adjustable bed to platform.

Second of four L-shape brackets that is located in the middle of the adjustable bed to secure the bed from moving off the platform.

Third of four L-brackets to attach the second bed to platform.

Final and fourth l-bracket to secure bed to platform.

Overall view of the left adjustable bed with the foot section curled over to access L-brackets to screw on platform. Note on the sides of the curled section, there are two cups that need to be placed on the black rod when the foot is folded flat.

The foot cup is placed correctly on the black rod. And the inside holes to insert the side stopper hooks are exposed and ready to complete the final installation  Рshown below.

Side stopper screwed into side of the adjustable internal frame.

Final foot stopper is screwed on foot section. Done!

Mattresses placed and ready for sleep!

Close up of the two mattresses.