“The Bed is Great!! “

We slept on the new bed last night!

We really like it so far.

We especially like being able to tilt our heads foreword to watch TV. Our new Sleep Number does not do this!!

Pete Peleberg



The Uberflex 3 MX3 adjustable bed has 3 motors on each half King section. One motor controls the head/shoulder section, the second the back adjustment and lumbar support and the third raises both at the knee and the foot to a horizontal position. The thickness is 5 inches. Motors are integrated into the frame and the frame plus motors lie flat on platform bed.
The Quattroflex mattress provides a luxurious, reassuring medium firm support with special design of the airholes to provide comfort to the shoulder and firmer support for the back.The cover made from natural cellulose Tencel(R) material is woven into a one -inch cover which is cool and wicks away perspiration. Can be unzipped for machine-wash and drying. Symmetrical construction so can be flippped regularly. Two separate wireless controllers with two memory settings for each unit.

Each Custom half King suspension is approx 37.5 inch wide X 79.5 inch long. Two Custom mattresses, each approx 38 X 80 inches. Mattress thickness 9 inches.

Mattress: Split King / Quattroflex Mattress

Adjustable Bed: Uberflex MX3 – Three Motor System

RV Model: Prevost XL2