Mattress: DW 800 Split Cal King (Two mattresses, each 36 X 80 inches)

Adjustable Bed: Short Cal King Uberflex MX4 (35.5″ x 80″ – Custom RV Dimensions)

RV Model: 2015 Newmar Ventana Model 4037 Diesel Pusher Coach

Conversion of Sleep Number Bed to Axel Bloom Four-motor Adjustable Bed

Newmar Corporation of Nappanee, Indiana typically installs the “Deluxe Sleep Number” bed in its motorhomes.  While this is a popular brand of RV bedding, this “blow-up” bed did not meet our needs for good sleep while traveling.  After researching bedding options for my RV, and visiting several retail dealers and online sites, we found that Axel Bloom offered the best solution for finding good sleep while traveling.  Before committing to purchasing the adjustable bed, we visited Yong and Bonnie Lee’s showroom in Los Angeles.  The day following our visit with the Lee’s, we purchased the Uberflex MX4 adjustable bed with the DW800 mattress.

After much discussion with Yong on the design for our RV bed conversion, we proceeded with our conversion from the “blow up” bed to Axel Bloom’s bedding system.  The following is a brief outline of the steps taken to convert a RV king size bed to an Axel Bloom adjustable bed:

The Sleep Number bed was deflated, unzipped and the components of the bed were removed leaving the bed box platform exposed.  See image 1. Under the platform, there is a subfloor that protects the box storage area from the slide-out mechanism that moves the bed box outward when camping and inward for storage and travel.  In the closed position, the bed assembly moves under the two hanging closets in this Newmar floor plan model and other similar model coaches.  If your bed assembly does slide under the two hanging closets or a similar configuration, then the images 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 are not pertinent to your conversion.

Since the bed assembly, when stored, needs to close under the two hanging close, it was necessary to shorten the height of the bed box.  Approximately 3-1/2 to 4 inches were removed from the bed box height. The adjusted height of the bed box is dependent on the height of the adjustable bed frame and the thickness of the chosen mattress and bed linen.

Caution!  Newmar’s bed box is a veneer construction with wooden braces in places and across the top of the bed box.   For this conversion the void spaces in the bed box were filled with plywood and glued in place, making the bed box rigid.  While we didn’t choose to remove the exterior 3/16 inch finished veneer paneling before making our 3-1/2 to 4 inch cut of the top of the bed box, you might consider removing the paneling before making your cut. See images 5, 6 & 7.  Flat molding strips were glued in place across the top of walls of the bed box for a finished look.  

To facilitate the placement of the adjustable bed control box on the outside of the bed box, thereby allowing the motion sensitive, night light, a 1-1/2 inch diameter hole was drilled through the exterior walls of modified bed box, on the left and right sides of the bed, the motor control cables were run through these holes to the bed control box. The holes were placed near the headboard end of the bed.  An extension cord with surge protection was installed so that the A/C cables for the adjustable beds will have some power protection for electrical surges, albeit most motorhomes may have this protection already built in them.

Images 8 & 9 show the installed bed frame supports.  In our project, cutouts (notches) were made in the bed box to receive the bed frame supports, thus lowering the bed height by approximately 1 inch.  Now the bed box is prepared to receive the adjustable bed components.

Images 10 & 11 show the adjustable bed and mattresses installed.  Image 12 shows the brand of bed sheet used for the adjustable bed.  This bed sheet has a cord that will help the bed sheet fit the mattress snuggly.  For the RV king size mattress, you’ll need a short twin bed sheet for each adjustable bed.  Images 13, 14 & 15 demonstrate different positions of the adjustable bed.  Images 16 & 17 show the bed made up.

If you have side windows near the headboard of your motorhome, and if there is a window treatment framing the side windows, the window treatment may have to be modified so that when the head & shoulders portion of the adjustable bed is raised, the raised portion of the bed will not be blocked by the window treatment.

We’ve been enjoying our Axel Bloom adjustable bed for about a year now and have experienced great sleep during our travels.  One other perk you’ll experience, is the ease of changing and washing the bed linen with twin size fitted sheets and one king size flat sheet.  Changing sheets with a king size “blow up”  bed can be a struggle in close quarters.

Happy camping!

David Groce

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