AXEL BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BED: 2013 Airstream Interstate with Sliding Frames to move Adjustable Beds Together/Apart

Installation of Two Custom Adjustable Beds on Manual Sliding Frames for 2013 Airstream Interstate

“The customer’s are just elated with this upgrade and already have two other Interstate owners calling me to do it again.  Thank you for being so cooperative and helpful.”

Gary Swaim
1729 Springer Road
Sevierville, TN 37862
Customers: Dave and Adria Hermann 
Mattress: Two DW 800 Medium-firm Custom half – Queen mattress, 28 X 74 inches 
Adjustable Bed: Two Half Custom Queen Size Two-motor Doppelflex MX2 (28 x 74 inch – Custom RV Dimensions)
RV Model: 2013 Airstream Interstate
Before Installation

Front seats before changes to rear

Removed old beds

Bare Bed Base
Adjustable Bed placed in position
View from Front with beds in background
The adjustable beds rest on frames which can be manually slid together.
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