Forest River FR3
Mattress: DW 200 Custom Slim Split Cal King (Two mattresses, each 36 X 80 X 6.5 inches)
Adjustable Bed: Short Cal King Doppelflex MX2 (Two adjustable 35.5″ x 80″ – Custom RV Dimensions)
RV Model: Forest River FR3 Model 29DS

“You  can tell them that Axelbloom saves lives !”

I had 5 bypasses a  year and a half ago while visiting my youngest daughter Catherine in Winnipeg Manitoba.  It took 5 hours and a half and when I got out of the OR , one of the bypasses let go and they had me me in the OR again , opened my chest one more time for 5 1/2 hours again. I should have died that day but I survived ! But I just can’t sleep horizontally anymore, all that wire ! Dr Luqman, a giant of a man , saved my life.
Thirty-one years of hospital emergency work got me sick like that.
Lucky for me, doctors take good care of doctors so here I am.
Lucky for me, I came to know you so, I’m still alive and kicking.
You  can tell them that Axelbloom saves lives !
Have a Nice day
A Classic Québécois!
Two Short Half Cal-King adjustable beds.
Comfortably rumpled adjustable beds!
The Survivor of Five Heart Bypasses!
If he is not in an Axelbloom bed, then he is enjoying a Lazy Boy!
Enjoying every moment!