AXEL BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BED: Roadtrek 2016 CS Adventurous

Mattress: DW 800 Split King (Two custom mattresses, each 30 X 75 inches)

Adjustable Bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2 (29.5″ x 74″ – Custom RV Dimensions)

RV Model: 2016 CS Adventurous

Pristine. Plywood placed on top of frame.
View from rear.
Two Adjustable sections installed.
One adjustable section raised.
Two custom half-queen mattresses in place.
View of Mattresses on top of adjustable sections from the rear.
USB ports added to inner space between adjustable and side of wall.
Power inverter to provide 110 Volts outlets for adjustable transformers. Power drain of each system approx. 120 watts. This unit is rated 400 watts so can power both adjustable remote controllers at the same time.
Decorated and looks sumptuous.
A Cross Beam was added to support the foot sections of both adjustables.
It spans the width of the two adjustable frames and sits on the existing ledges of the sofa bed.
The wood is the same as the frame.
The customer cut the beam to size and the fit and finish looks first class. He also designed the installation so that he can put back the original sofa bed and move the adjustable system to another RV when the time comes.
The man himself!