AXEL BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BED: 2017 Roadtrek CS Adventurous.

Mattress: DW 800 Split King (Two custom mattresses, each approx. 28.5 X 76 inches with jag in modifications at the tops of the mattresses to curve around the door pillars)

Adjustable Bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2, Quattroflex MX 2 motor and Uberflex MX 4 motor (28.5″ x 69.5″ plus added head extension of 7.5 inches – Custom RV Dimensions). The short head extension was necessary to avoid the door pillars on the left and right of the rear doors (see photos below). Customer first ordered one two-motor half- Queen Doppelflex and one half-Queen two-motor Quattroflex. Then switched to two custom two-half Queen Uberflex four – motor systems.

RV Model: Roadtrek 2017 CS Adventurous 4X4

Original configuration with sofa mattress
View from back with center console
Space cleared, ready for installation
Removing hinges so wood covers can be removed for straight access into space/contents by folding the adjustable bed sections
Clear access to contents in storage hole
Access to electrical boxes of the other storage compartment by removing wood cover.
The adjustable beds can be folded back to gain access to the contents
Boxes from Axel Bloom, delivered by Fedex. Two boxes of adjustable sections; other two boxes of mattresses and accessories
Left adjustable is the 2-motor Quattroflex adjustable system with slats and pods suspension. On the right is the Doppelfelx MX2 two-motor, all-slat suspension. Customer then moved these units to another RV and installed the four-motor Uberflex MX4 adjustable system for both sides.
Custom Head extension to avoid the door pillar
Foot section can be either curled back to gain entry to storage area under the slats or the slats can be removed to reach into the storage compartment. The black straps were used to secure accessories for the adjustable system. Would be cut off by customer.
Custom foot section for the adjustable for the driver side. Note that the length of the adjustable for the driver side was slightly shorter than the other passenger side as the driver side has a toilet that made that side about an 1.5 inch shorter. Also since the door pillars are on opposite sides, each passenger and driver-side adjustable were different.
Passenger-side dimensions of the door pillar. We made the length of the main adjustable section accordingly shorter and then added a custom head section to circumvent the door pillar.
Driver-side dimensions of the door pillar. We made the length of the main adjustable section accordingly shorter and then added a custom head section to circumvent the door pillar.
Passenger side cabinet clearance from the mattress. Customer was able to sleep with the feet in sleep position, flopped right and left. Later, he reduced the height of the cabinet to provide more space for the feet.
Width of the Driver side adjustable frame
Space allocated between the side frame and padded wall to make sure the raised back will not graze the curved wall of the RV.
Another check on the same gap between the frame and the padded side wall (as above).
Finally, the mattresses placed on the adjustables. Note that the side mattress stopper has been installed on the left adjustable (as it also done for the right adjustable. In this case, because of the air gap between the adjustable frame and the padded walls, each adjustable had four side stoppers: two for the back and foot regions on the left and right of each adjustable. And a foot stopper at the bottom of the mattress.
View of adjustables with mattress from Driver perspective. Customer is looking at various options to add a custom mattress in the center and how to support the mattress. For example, using a bungee support that can be slung easily between the beds to hold up the center mattress. Or a integrate a wood cabinet towards the head section, between the beds, and then a custom pillow/mattress all the way down to the foot. Having fun devising a solution!
Another perspective.
Decorated beds!
When raised. Note how the top of the mattress that is notched in, just grazes the window valence.
Passenger-side back raised with bed sheets.
Driver-side back raised. Note how the external frames of the adjustables are screwed onto the platform. Only four L-shape brakets are required: two for the head area; the other two at the foot area. The other larger L brackets are to support the adjustable sections when they are lowered.
Storage for shoes with bungee cords!
Complete bed with addition of custom mattress inserts supported by four Bungee cords. See steps in following photos.
Before addition of Bungee cords
Placement of four Bungee connectors on both sides of platform
One Bungee Cord secured
Dimensions of Bungee cord and gap

You can purchase the Bungee connector here:

And the Bungee cords here:
Placement of custom mattress on Bungee cord
Side Profile of completed Mattress sections from Driver side
Before Mattress inserts added. What a difference!
Added two DC fans to the rear