Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed: Monaco Dynasty 2005

Adjustable Bed: Two different adjustable bed systems. Doppleflex MX2 Custom half-Queen and Quattroflex MX2 Custom half-Queen. Two independent half-queen systems.
Adjustable bed dimensions: 29.5 X 79 inches. Cut back of external frame 30 inches where the hinge is located from the headboard. This allows the platform to be raised,
after the electrically raising the head section.
Mattress DW 800 mattress model, each 30 X 80 inches
Richard and Nelda Oakley

Quattroflex MX 2 Half-Queen Adjustable system consisting of slats and pod suspension elements for a a custom sleep setuop : 29.5 X 79 inches

Bed made up ! Ready for sleep!

Description of Installation Process by Richard and Nelda Oakley