Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed: 2019 NEWMAR VENTANA LE 4045

“Went together flawlessly!  End bracket for bed came in under cabinets door handles when attached under the door section.  Thank you so much for working with me on this.  We can’t wait for our trip.”

Mattress: Berlin Mattress Split King (Two custom mattresses, each 36 X 80 inches)
Adjustable Bed: Short King Uberflex MX4 FOUR-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (custom 35.5″ x 77.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions)
RV Model: 2019 Newmar Ventana Model L# 4045 Cummins Diesel Pusher Coach

Installation Completed!


Tools and Parts Needed

  1. Drill with ¼” bit extensions (2.5” and 6”), #2 Phillips bit, #2 square bit
  2. Short screwdriver with hex ¼” bit receiver
  3. 2” hole saw (preferable new)
  4. Black zip ties (10-15)
  5. 2” Furniture Hole Covers (5)
  6. 3M Dual Lock 1” Fastening Tape (SJ3561 and SJ3562)
  7. NEMA 5-15P to IEC C13 16 AWG power cord (> 10’)
  8. Plastic cable clips.

Installation (Uberflex MX4 Bed Suspension)

  1. Remove existing King mattress.
  2. Remove valances on both sides of the bed using #2 square bit.  Save 4 of the short screws and 4 of the medium length screws.
    1. Remove the mounting brackets and smooth the wallpaper over the screw holes
    1. Remove the sides of the valance from the top and use two of the medium screws to attach the valance tops to the underside of the overhead cabinets using the long bit extension.  Make sure the valance is centered over the window and shades.
  3. Raise the platform storage lid.
  4. From inside the storage compartment, mark a point 4” back from the piano hinge and 2-1/2” under the fixed top of the bed platform.  Mark left and rights sides and center divider.
  5. Drilling from the inside of the storage area, drill a 2” hole at each of the marks.  On the outside holes, be very careful (reduce pressure) as you cut through the finished lauan on the outside of the platform to avoid damage to the finish when the saw cuts through.  See Fig. 1.
  6. Facing the headboard, on the left side of the fixed platform place a mark 7-1/2” from the side of the platform and 4” back from the piano hinge.  On the right side, place a mark 15” for the side of the platform and 4” back from the piano hinge.
    1. NOTE:  The fixed top and hinged top overhang the right side of the platform more than the left side, so it is VERY IMPORTANT where you drill the right-side hole!
  7. Vacuum up all sawdust.
  8. Separate the furniture hole cover, put a single wrap of duct tape around the outer ring and insert in each of the holes. 
    1. In the center partition, place on either side of the hole.
  9. Close the platform lid and place the right MX4 base on top of it.  Align the foot of the base to the very edge of the platform and align the right side to the very edge of the platform.  Confirm the base is evenly spaced from the side wall at points along the head of the base.  See Fig. 2.
    1. The head of the base will be about 1-1/2” from the headboard wall of the slide.  See Fig. 3.
  10. Carefully raise the foot section of the base, confirm position hasn’t shifted, and insert 3 screws in each of the 4 brackets.
  11. Remove the white and brown slats in Fig. 4.
  12. Temporarily connect the motor power cord to the base control unit. 
    1. For the Bluetooth remote control feature, connect the small square receiver to the base control unit.
    1. Plug the base control unit into the receptacle under the right side of the platform base.
    1. Follow instructions to sync the remote control to the receiver.
  13. Using the remote control, raise the head and lumbar sections to their full up positions in preparation for opening the platform lid.
  14. Disconnect the power and disconnect the motor connector from the base control unit.  Set the base control unit and receiver aside.
  15. Coil the motor power cord and leave enough slack (about 15-18”) to run through the holes to the outside of the platform.  Zip tie the loop as shown in Fig. 4.
  16. Run the connector through the platform hole and zip tie the cord to the braces as shown.  Install the cap to the hole cover.
  17. Repeat Steps 9 – 15 for the left side base.
  18. Open the storage lid.  The lid should fully lift and lock in the extended position.  The heads of each MX4 base will be just touching the headboard.  See Fig. 5.
  19. Run the motor connectors through the holes to the outside of the base on each side.
  20. Run the NEMA 5-15 end (standard 3-prong plug) through all holes in the platform from left to right.  The IEC C13 end should be hanging out of the left side of the platform.
  21. Use the short screwdriver, the short square screws from the valance, and the plastic clips, attached the power cord to the underside of the fixed platform at 2 equally spaced points

 in each section of the storage area.

  • Turn the base control units upside down on a towel or soft surface.
  • Cut a length of the Dual Lock tape for the bottom back of the unit.  It should go from the cushioned foot to the edge of the door opening for the connectors.
    • Cut one from each side of the tape, lay one flat and press the other side into it to lock the tapes together.
  • Repeat with a longer tape for the bottom front of the unit between the two cushioned feet.
  • Peel off the protective film on one side of the dual lock tape and adhere the tape to the bottom of the unit at the back and front.
  • Take the left base control unit to left side of platform, install the motor connector and the receiver connector to it and replace the cover.
  • Connect the power cord to the base control unit.
  • Remove the film from the dual lock tapes, position the based control unit with the back of the unit in front of the hole with some slack in the motor control cord to support operation of lumbar section without stretching the cord.  The front of the base control unit should be facing the foot of the bed.
  • Squarely position the unit and press it to the side of the platform base to secure the tapes to the side.
  • Dress any cable slack and position receiver per preference.  The carpeted space under the platform top will allow for proper operation of the remote.  See Fig. 6.
  • Repeat on the right side, plug both base control power cords into the receptacle and dress slack in cords out of way using remaining plastic clips.
  • Lower the platform lid.
  • Lower the head and lumbar sections using the remote controls.
  • Replace the slats that were removed for securing motor power cord.
  • Remove two slats from the top and bottom of both bases.
  • Install the L-shaped side mattress brackets in the pre-drilled holes.  Use screws provided to fasten and replace the slats.  See Fig. 7.
  • Center the L-shaped foot bracket on the underside of the foot section of the base.  Use the medium length screws from the valance to fasten the bracket.  Pre-run the screws through the bracket before attaching.  See Fig. 8.
  • Install the mattresses and retract the driver’s side slide.
  • Slowly retract the bed slide and confirm no intrusion of bed bases with cabinetry.


Figure 1.  2” Holes in Platform Base

Figure 2.  Alignment of Base to Edges of Platform

Figure 3.  Head of Base and Headboard Spacing

Figure 4.  Motor Power Cord Through Fixed Platform

Figure 5.   Raised Storage Lid, Raised Bases and Headboard

Figure 6.  Base Control Unit Mounting Under Platform

Figure 7. Side Bracket Placements

Figure 8. Foot of Bed Bracket Installation

Finished Product