Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed for RV & Home: Monaco Knight

“All the way from Sterling, Alaska”

Steve and Victoria Hampton

Adjustable Bed: Doppelflex MX2 Adjustable (Each adjustable with 28-slat Suspension) FOUR-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (custom 28.5″ x 78.5″)

Mattress: DW 800 Mattress (Two standard half-queen mattresses, each 30 X 80 inches)

RV Model:Monaco Knight – Navistar Diesel Pusher Coach

Two Half queen adjustable beds in RV
Location of the two half queen adjustable suspensions
Head and Side Views
View of Left side Adjustable bed
View of Right side Adjustable bed
Foot Stopper Location
View of adjustable bed from living area
Driver’s View

Hampton’s Home bed! Lovely Carpet!!