Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed: NEWMAR DUTCH STAR


“I was not sure I would like the mattress but after 1 week of sleeping on it I wake up rested and with no back ache. Before this bed I was sleeping no more than 4 hours at a time before moving to my chair. Now I sleep on average 6 1⁄2 to 7 hours per night in my bed. I am grateful for German ingenuity!”

Jim manages an RV park in Colorado:

Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35.5″ x 79.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions). Mattress Platform is 72 X 78 inches. To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 31 inches from the back and 2 inches from the front. (Platform hinge location is 30 inches from headboard). Extended head section 2 inches with custom section. Added two extra double slats to both adjustable systems as customer is tall.

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 Split King (Two custom mattresses, each 36 X 80 inches)

RV Model: Newmar Dutch Star Cummins Diesel Pusher Coach



My Axel Bloom Adjustable Bed Installation: 2.5 hours

I received my bed about a week earlier than I expected. I was excited to get it installed as quickly as possible. The bed came in 4 pieces. Two mattresses and 2 adjustable frames. After removing the existing bed, I set the adjustable frames on the bed platform. Since I had a sleep number bed with an electric air pump, the hole that needed to be drilled for the motor plugs was already there.

At this point I called Yong as we had arranged a FaceTime video session to go over the installation. He pointed out how to remove the bed slates, where the side brackets to hold the mattresses went in place and how to install them, the  foot brackets on the bed frame that attach it to the platform and general placement of the bed frames on the platform.

Now we are ready to install the bed. I decided not to fasten the bed frame to the platform until the last step so it would be easier to move the bed frames around.

I fed the power supplies for the bed frame motor through the existing hole in the platform and plugged them in to the outlet. (picture 1) I placed the wireless receiver in the center of each bed frame (picture 2). (The wireless receiver includes a white circular cover that houses an LED Night Light which is switched on/off, with a 5 minute time delay, from the wireless remote controller). It was necessary to have the bed frames working so you could check clearances when before you attach the bed frames to the platform.




Next I installed the brackets to hold the mattresses in place on the bed frames. These only go on the outside of the bed frame and on the bottom of the fame. You will remove the bed slats that cover the holes the brackets go into. I then installed the left and right brackets. I did not install the bottom brackets yet because I need to close the slides to make sure I have enough room and its winter here in Colorado and I have snow on the slide toppers. (picture 3, 3A)



The final and maybe the most important step is positioning the bed frames on the platform so they can be fastened to the platform. I started with the right bed frame and positioned it flush with the right edge of the platform and about 1⁄2 inch from the top of the wall. I then used the remote control to raise and lower the head of the bed frame to check clearance. It turned out that even with careful measurements I did not allow for the headboard because it was about 8 inches above the platform and when I raised the head it hit the headboard. I kept adjusting the bed frame down until the bed frame cleared the headboard. I also had my wife lay on the bed frame and raised the head up to make sure it still cleared. In the end, the bed frame hangs over the end of the platform by about 1/2 inch.




Now that I am satisfied with the position of the right bed frame, I am ready to fasten it to the platform. The lower outside L bracket was mounted on the bottom right-hand corner of the bed frame and my bed platform has a rounded corner, so I had to move the L bracket up until I had some bed platform to fasten the L bracket to. There is a total of 4 L brackets on each bed frame and you will have access to them by lifting the bottom of the bed frame up. I fastened the right bed frame to the platform and then repeated the steps for the left bed frame.




Access to Storage Compartment

This final unique feature is the ability to lift up the bed to gain access to the storage compartment, per normal. Axel Bloom cut the external frame of the adjustable bed 31 inches from the back – this is the location of my platform hinge. By doing so, I was able to screw on the remaining external frame to my liftable platform. After electrically raising the back of the adjustable bed, I can raise the platform normally to access the storage compartment.




 In Conclusion….

The installation took about 2 1⁄2 hours including the FaceTime call with Yong. Initially, I was not sure I would like the mattress as it felt softer than expected (it is Medium firm with a comfy support) but after 1 week of sleeping on it I wake up rested and with no back ache.  (Yong said this mattress model, DW800, with the Doppelflex Flexible Slat Suspension provides a unique supportive experience even though I am 6 foot tall).

Before this bed, I was sleeping no more than 4 hours at a time (Sleep Number) before moving to my chair. Now I sleep on average 6 1⁄2 to 7 hours per night in my bed. I am grateful for German ingenuity!




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