Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed: 2019 NEWMAR DUTCH STAR


Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (36″ x 78″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 30.5 inches from the back and 2 inches from the front. (Platform hinge location is 30 inches from headboard). Extended head section 4 inches with custom section. Added four extra double slats with sliders (to firm up the lumbar) to one adjustable systems as one customer is taller than the other.

Mattress Model: Two different mattresses: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy) and Dreamwave DW 200 (Firm, Not Hard) Two custom mattresses, each 36 X 78 inches.

RV Model: Newmar Dutch Star Cummins Diesel Pusher Coach


Beautiful bed covers and pillows over the two adjustable beds!

A9F4285A-E8FB-4851-B76B-2802DDFF4E65Both adjustable beds screwed down on platform.

A37D87CB-979E-4898-A4A7-2066A1A30AFBBoth Adjustable backs raised. The head section moves up first, followed by the lumbar section. The hinge location of the platform (to lift up for storage access) was about 30 inches from the headboard. So we had to move down the adjustable bed by 2 inches so the bend of the adjustable bed was lined up with the hinge location. Note that we added a 4 inch extension to the head section to make up for moving the adjustable bed down 2 inches and cutting the foot section about 2 inches.

To provide normal access to the storage compartment under the bed (avoid raising the whole frame when the platform is raised; for info click here re: Storage Access) we cut the external frame 31 inches from the head. The remaining external frame was then screwed onto the platform. We pre-installed each adjustable external frame with four L-Shape brackets added to the interior of the external frame so the customer only had to screw them onto the platform to secure the adjustable bed. He had an existing hole from a previous Sleep Number mattress that he used to snake down the cables for connecting to the adjustable bed’s transformers (there are two transformers that individually power the two motors for each adjustable bed) into the storage compartment. The transformers were connected to a multiple-outlet 110 V surge protector that was dropped into the storage compartment. The surge protector was powered from one of the existing 110 V outlets beside the bed.

D4191CFC-8F3E-4BD2-BF95-AD539723C243Two transformer cables dropped into storage compartment.

0911D567-C2D0-4040-97E0-26FC79F35CC4Both head and foot sections raised. Note the location of one of the L-Shape brackets that is screwed in the center of the platform. Also that the external frame can extend beyond the end of the platform without affecting the structural rigidity of the overall adjustable bed.

In this case, the side stoppers did not interfere, when the back was raised, with the side window valences in this case. In other RV installations, we narrowed the bed width dimensions to avoid the window valence or a side table.

08626E57-FAA7-437A-BB99-9F1C1CA023ACThe platform could be raised with the adjustable bed and mattress in place. The two adjustable beds weigh about 120 pounds and the two mattresses about 70 pounds. The existing hydraulic lifters were not changed.

F5BEE9EA-FC80-43B2-B61E-C787A2ED09B9The mattresses fit well and are secured from sliding down with the two foot stoppers. We made sure that when the slider was brought in, the foot stoppers would not scrape against cabinetry or door holders, by measuring the length from the headboard to the cabinet when the slider was closed.

6F76D555-9C58-478E-B373-6DB0DF924E17When the slider was brought in, we estimated that the combined height of the adjustable (4.5 inches) and mattress (7.5 inches) would just fit under the cabinets but did not factor in the mattress cover. So the customer had to tuck in the end of the mattress as shown above.


With the mattresses in place and raised to different positions. The mattress just clears the side table.