Axel Bloom Motorhome Adjustable Bed: Precept Jayco


Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35″ x 75.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 16 inches. (Platform hinge location is 15 inches from headboard).

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy)  Two custom mattresses, each 35 X 76 inches.

RV Model: Precept Jayco

Customer Location: Lone Rock, Wisconsin


Two Adjustable suspensions with one mattress. Foot stopper and one side stopper shown. In the center of the adjustable bed, there are six double slats with coffee-colored sliders. By moving the sliders outwards, it makes the double slats firmer.  Moving the sliders closer together to the center makes the double slats softer. You can also remove the second double slat to make it only a single slat if the double slat is too firm.

Thus you and your partner can order the same mattress and adjustable system but use these adjustments for different levels of support since you are not only relying on the mattress for total comfort.  In general, the suspension contributes 20-40 percent of the comfort and support and the mattress contributes 60-80 percent. You therefore have the ability to utilize a large “sweet spot” to create a personal comfort zone.


Both adjustable suspensions raised. Can see the mattress contours will to the adjustable when raised in the back and foot sections.


Both Adjustable suspensions and mattress in flat position.


Foot of the bed: When bed slider is pulled in, notice the foot stopper ends just before touching the cabinet! Customer provided excellent dimension information about the length of the platform and location of the cabinet. He first placed the mattress on the adjustable section, lined it up with the foot stopper and then screwed the foot stopper (there are three screws holes on each arm of the foot stopper so one can select two to four holes to position the foot stopper) on a wooden beam so it would not scratch the wood cabinet.