Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed for 2006 Tradewinds by National

Adjustable bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half -Queen Adjustable system ( 28 X 75 inch) screwed on 60 X 75 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. Cut external frame 19 inches from the back so that platform can continue to be lifted from the bottom to access storage compartment.

Both adjustable systems are in the “Default mode” where the head section raises initially up to 45 degree angle before the lumbar (back) section then raises to a 65 degree angle.

Mattress model: Dopplemat Medium Firm (to firm) Mattress.

Two Custom Half Queen (28 X 75 inch) mattresses.

RV Model: 2006 Tradewinds by National

Location: Los Angeles


Two adjustable beds installed


Two custom half-queen adjustable beds secured on platform.


Ability to continue to access storage by lifting the platform. Axel Bloom’s unique construction allows the access to be used without change. The external frame of the adjustable bed can be cut from the back to the hinge location. This allows the platform to be raised without interference from the adjustable frame. You simply raise the back of the adjustable bed first, and then lift up the platform per normal from the front. As shown in this photo.

The two adjustable sections are lifted without changing the shocks of the lifting mechanism.

Both mattresses fit exactly without rubbing against the sides when they are raised from the back.

Very tidy installation and looks handsome.

The right side is raised. With a person’s body weight on the right, the mattress would bend more in the center.


One adjustable bed raised from the back

Perfect clearance of the mattress on the left from grazing the side table when raised.


Same good clearance of the right mattress from the side table when raised from the back.


A beauty!


View from Captain’s Chair