Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed for 2015 Tiffin QBH

2015 Tiffin Phaeton QBH

RV Adjustable bed: Custom King Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half – King Adjustable system ( 35.5 X 75 inch) screwed on 72 X 76 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. Cut external frame 31.5 inches from the back so that platform can continue to be lifted from the bottom to access storage compartment.

Both adjustable systems are in the “Default mode” where the head section raises initially up to 45 degree angle before the lumbar (back) section then raises to a 65 degree angle.

RV Mattress model: DW 800 Medium Firm (to comfy) Mattress. Two Custom Half King (36 X 76 inch) mattresses.

RV Model: Tiffin Phaeton 2015 QBH

Location: Gainesville, Georgia

“This was so easy to install. The hardest part was drilling the hole for the plug. They are not that heavy, but definitely a two person job getting into the coach. Everything else was follow the simple, clear instructions.
We have another brand of adjustable bed in our “sticks and bricks” and I will say without hesitation, this system is more comfortable and adjusts in the correct places to truly make for a “better nights sleep”. We have sciatic and reflux issues that cause us even in the ‘other’ bed to toss and turn, sleep on our sides and just plain be uncomfortable. We both slept on our backs. Didn’t really move at all. The firmness can be adjusted on the frame and I think I will soften it a bit on my side. My husband said he hadn’t slept this good in a very long time.
And the Mattress….top quality! We thought for sure we would never steer away from an air mattress. So very glad we did. Support, (and we are not tiny people) comfort and ease of flipping and lifting will make this a mattress we hope to have a very long time.
We are actually thinking we need to get rid of our bed here at the house and buy another Axel Bloom bed for here. It is just that GOOD!
I want to also say how thorough the staff are with customer service. From helping us pick out the mattress, our measurements for proper fit to letting us know when it shipped and when to expect the call from Fedex. Then, they followed up, installation documents again, a phone call to see if we needed any help and a reminder to call them if we needed ANYTHING. Does it get any better than that?? I don’t think so.
We are very glad to have purchased this wonderful product. We are thrilled to be getting a good nights sleep out on the road and we are grateful for the kindness and professionalism shown us during our purchase and set up process.
Michelle and Robert”

Note that the Adjustable bed length was 75 inches so you can see what we had room at the end of the platform that we could have made it an inch longer. However, we played safe in case the system had to be moved down an inch in case the location of the hinge (for lifting the platform for storage access) interfered with the lifting motion.

The hinge location is 30.5 inches from the headboard to the hinge. We cut and removed our external frame 31.5 inches from the top so it would allow the platform to being raised normally for storage access (read more how we do it here:RV Installation Guide)

Above you can see the two adjustable beds side by side, with the left one slightly raised at the foot section. Note that we made the mattress one inch longer so it fit the full 76 inch length of the platform.

The side stopper (hidden) is installed at the head and foot sides to prevent the mattress from sliding off and also the mattress at the head/back section of the adjustable bed would not be held back by the window valence and side table.

Above is the left corner of the mattress that rests on the adjustable suspension.


What a wonderful life!