Axel Bloom RV Adjustable Bed 2018 Dynamax Isata 3

2018 Dynamax Isata

RV Adjustable bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half -Queen Adjustable system ( 29.5 X 74.5 inch) screwed on L-shaped 60 X 75 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. The bed platform had a two-piece sliding platform. The top piece slid over the bottom piece when the slider was moved in. We custom made it so that one section of the adjustable base was screwed on the top platform. The foot section folded over when the slider was moved in and when the slider was moved out in sleep position, the foot section unfolded and rested on the lower platform.

Both adjustable systems are in the “Default mode” where the head section raises initially up to 45 degree angle before the lumbar (back) section then raises to a 65 degree angle.

RV Mattress model: Dopplemat Medium Firm (to firm) Mattress. Two Custom Half Queen (30 X 75 inch) mattresses.

RV Model: 2018 Dynamax Isata 3

Location: Belmont, Michigan

Customers: Faith and Jay Devries

Faith, Jay and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to fir our adjustable system into their Dynamax. There were two challenges.

The more interesting one was how to fold our adjustable system when the slider move in. The reason was that the platform consisted of two halves; the top half slid over the lower half when the slider moved in. Thus the adjustable bed had to be secured to the upper platform and the foot section of the adjustable bed had to fold over to allow the slider to slid in.We shared many photos of the sliding mechanism, the dimensions and successfully made it work.

The second challenge was to ensure that the door to the bathroom could remain reasonably accessible when the slider with the adjustable system moved in. This could potentially limit the door opening. Fortunately, the platform is made asymmetrically so that the platform is made with more access space on the side of the door versus the other side of the platform.

Below are the photos. They are included to provide an idea of the process we all went through to brain storm the layout options.

Finally, and most impressively, Faith and Jay made a wonderful video tour!



Only one other customer has made a video: Adjustable bed in Jayco Seneca RV



This shows the two platforms with the top section sliding over the lower section when the slider comes in.

A teaser of what the final solution. See step by step progress below.

This is the right side of the foot section of the platform. It faces the bathroom door which opens into the space above.

This is an overhead view of the platform with the top right corner being the foot section shown in the photo above this one.


You can see that the left side of the platform does not jag out as much as the right side. Because of this, we designed the adjustable bed to rest not all the way to the right, but rather rest only up to the narrower section of the top platform. By doing so, the foot of the adjustable bed did not significantly affect the ability of the bathroom door to open when the slider was moved in.

These measurements were taken to verify the maximum length of the fully opened adjustable bed.

This was the final width of the adjustable bed, which consisted of two half sections. The dimensions are recorded at the top of the page.

Verifying the width of the platform.

Observing the way the platforms slid on top of each other.


By making the adjustable bed fit to the lower platform, we did not affect the opening of the bathroom door.

The painstaking details we both worked on to ensure the dimensions were correct.

The space from the end of the platform to the wall. This was to ensure that when the adjustable foot section was folded, that we would have enough room for the curvature of the folding operation so it would not press against the wall.

Yet another measurement.


The original mattress location.

The mattress was wider but we decided to make the final bed narrower to avoid restricting the door opening when the adjustable bed was folded for the slider to move in.

The original mattresses.

We needed the height to make custom feet to support the foot section when it was folded down. See below.

Finally, the two adjustables placed side by side. The slats at the head section were moved off to make it easier to install the side stopper to prevent the mattress from sliding off.


Screwing in the screws to secure the side stopper into the adjustable frame.

The side stopper installed for the head section.

The foot section raised. Notice the custom wooden foot supports when the foot section is placed on the lower platform.

We are now thinking of ways to keep the mattress and adjustable section in this position. Perhaps using a long elastic band that is secured by a hook at the headboard and wrapped around the foot section. Will post the final solution!

You can see in the background the other bed which is in its flat position .

The foot section at a more acute angle.


Bed complete!