RV Adjustable Bed:  Two adjustable beds that are synchronized to work together with a one-piece mattress for a 2023 Grand Designs Toy hauler 29 G Trailer

Custom Adjustable BedDoppelflex MX2 adjustable bed with two motors for each bed

Platform is 62 X 77 inches consisting of two platforms that slide on top of each other when the slider is brought in.

Two adjustable beds, each 30 X 77 inches. Customer provided meticulous measurements (see below) so we could make the beds ready for installation in Los Angeles.

They drove all the way from Seattle so we could install it for them!

To lift the lower foot section so that the slider could be brought in, we made a double-joint configuration at the foot region.

The customer used their own mattress.

RV Model: 2023 Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler

Customers: Eileen and Terry Kearley-Blake

Location: Seattle, WA

Eileen provided detailed measurements based on past customer installations that the customers provided with videos and measurements. See links to those installations below.

And the photo below to show the 2-plus inch space between the upper and lower platforms so we could make a custom foot for the lower section of the adjustable bed to rest on the lower platform.

We started by laying the two half adjustable beds to ensure the dimensions were correct for the installation. You can see the special foot we made to support the lower bed foot section on the lower platform.

Note that the side of the frame was close to the wall. The customer had decided to maximize the width even if there was a chance that the back of the adjustable bed would graze the window blinds.

Note that the external frame of the adjustable bed rests on the edge of the upper platform that is slid back when the full bed is unfolded. The foot section has been custom-made to bend when the upper platform is slid-in. The mattress folds accordingly.

The two beds fit side by side with a small air gap in between the external frames so they do not rub against each other. Four L-shape brackets are screwed on the inside of the upper external frames and the upper platform to hold them in place. ( Shown in picture below).

External frame is secured with L-brackets on upper platform.

Slats are removed from the frame so transformer cables and transformers can be installed.

Removal of slats to complete cable and side stopper installations.

The white box is the transformer that is connected to the grey motor on the left. The other electrical cable for the transformer was run under the slats and connected to a 120 V outlet on the left of the bed. The same outlet also supplied power to the second transformer.

The two transformers were then placed under the slats and finally, the slats were placed back in the rubber holsters. The box contained the two wireless controllers which communicate by RF wireless to a black box that we had pre-installed beside the motor. This box is hidden and under the upper slats in this photo.

This is the location for the foot stopper to be installed. This can be moved forwards another inch in case the mattress location needs to be placed further down.

This is the completed adjustable bed installation. The customer plans to install bungee cords that will secure each foot section to a holder at the top of the ceiling so the foot sections will not bounce around when in travel.

This is when the upper platform is slid in.

A more complete view of the collapsed platform.

The mattress is not yet completely placed within the side and foot stopper in this picture.

The side of the mattress is soft and able to graze past the window blind.

We moved the mattress further down by moving the position of the foot stopper so the upper corners of the mattress could slip by the shelves on the right and left corners when the head/back are raised.