Axel Bloom Bloom Class A Adjustable bed for 2018 Winnebago 27PE

The Beginning…

Descriptions and Photos by the customer, Jen Haddad.

In hindsight we should have measured the distance between to the two cubby tops.  Because you so smartly made everything slightly narrower in total, we had no problem.  The distance between the two gray tops is only 71 ½”.  Something to mention to your next client.

We only have a 14” walk space when the slide is fully extended

…and only a 1” clearance when the slide is completely in.(Note: this was original mattress)

Depth of top platform

Difference in height between sliding and fixed portion of bed. (We made a custom foot section so the lower section, when unfolded, would rest securely on the lower platform).

Shows where we marked the placement of the frames during our “test install”.

Shows placement of left-hand frame. (Note that we cut the lower section of the external frame so it could curl back when the slider was closed. The remaining upper section was then screwed on the upper platform. See photos of customer dosing so below).

Shows placement of the left-hand frame before attachment.  We were able to reach these by raising the head and back.  The nearest was a breeze.  The far one, not so much.  Much contorting was required on my part, mostly because of bad knees and wrists. 😊

Attempting to screw in the foot L bracket.  Actually it turned out we couldn’t attach this one (and the same relative one on the right hand bed) because there is some kind of metal right below the wood.  Net of it is that we attached 3 of 4 L brackets on each frame.

This would be the not pretty one you requested…in order to attach the second frame, we folded up only the head.  That enabled me to reach over and screw down the L bracket.

Attaching the foot stopper.  Because of the coziness of our install, we elected not to install any side stoppers.  If we find we need them down the road, we will install at that point.




When our slide is completely in, it almost abuts the wall.  We had originally put the handles above like your first client, but the angle didn’t allow them to be pulled in enough.  We were able to get them pulled back so they don’t touch the wall by attaching at the sides.

It looks like the nearest one is too long, but it’s okay.

We made it, BARELY!

Jen and Mike Haddad!