RV Adjustable bed: Custom King Quattroflex MX2

Custom King Quattroflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE BED SYSTEM¬† Each adjustable bed: 33″ x 76″. Piano hinge to lift platform to access storage is 29 inches from the headboard. To continue to access the storage compartment, cut the external frame 29.5 inches from the back of the adjustable bed. The remaining external frame is screwed on the lower platform with four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed that are pre – installed. This allows the lower platform to be lifted up, as per normal, to access the storage area, without the whole adjustable bed being lifted off the platform.For further information, click here:

In addition, both adjustable beds have Straight Back option where the head and back sections set up to move in one plane. (The default is to allow the head to raise up first without moving the lumbar/shoulder). Side sleepers love it but some people with GERD/Acid reflux , prefer to sleep on their backs and do not like the head to be tipped forward. The ‘Straight Back ” option addresses that desire for a flat head/back motion.

RV Mattress model: Two DW 800 mattress medium firm to the comfy. each 33 x 76 inches

RV Model: 2022 Newmar New Aire

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Customer: Bob and Sharon Uellner


Started with the platform that is approx. 70 x 78 inches. To ensure the head section would not graze the window valences, we custom sized a narrower width and settled on each adjustable 33 X 76 inches.

For power access, we ran the cable from the inside of the side table and made a hole in the box under the platform and snaked the cable up to the platform, where we shared the two-outlet power socket. As shown in the photo.

Location of the power outlet where the cable extension is connected and then taken via a hole in the table and lower bed frame into the storage access.

The cable draws power from the outlet inside the side table. The cable is then snaked into the storage access under the platform and up to the platform for the two transformers to access power.

The two adjustable beds are screwed onto the platform using four L-shape brackets on the insides of the external frame.

Tho pod strips are removed beside the motor to access the connector for the transformer cable to be inserted to the motor.

The Quattroflex adjustable bed model has a Premium suspension that can be configured to precisely support the lumbar region. The pods consist of softer pods in the shoulder region and firmer pods in the lumbar. Both types of pods can be firmed up by inserting red firmness adjusters in the pods. Also the firm and softer pods can be interchanged. See here:

The side stoppers are installed; two on each side of the bed frame to keep the mattresses from slipping off. There are two pre-drilled holes on the inside of the frame to slide on the side stoppers.  To access the holes, the slats in that hole location should be removed.

The foot stoppers are then screwed on the top of the foot section. All is complete!