AXEL BLOOM RV ADJUSTABLE BED: 2021 Newmar Superstar 4051

“The bed system is absolutely fantastic! Wonderful sleep”

Jason Russell, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

RV Adjustable bed: Custom Four Motor Uberflex MX4

Two 4 – Motor custom Adjustable systems ( each 35.5 X 78 inch) synchronized to work together with one mattress. Cutback external frame 30 inches from back so remaining external frame is screwed n platform that is raised for storage access.

The customer lives in Louisiana and flew to Arizona to pick up the RV and drove to Los Angeles for us to install from 7 pm till 10 pm. He then drove back to Baton Rouge!

RV Mattress model: Doppelmat Medium Firm (to firm) Mattress. Custom size one piece mattress: 72 X 78 inches

RV Model: Newmar Superstar

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Customer: Jason Russell


Started with a flat platform

Made holes on top of platform and right side of the inner frame to allow cables for the control boxes to be placed inside the storage compartment

Vacuumed the wood chips for a clean start

All of Jason’s 6 foot 8 inch frame on the bed system. Note that the special ability of the Four motor system to raise the foot section and allow the legs to be lifted up.

We removed the left and right window valences because they interfered with the lifting motion of the back of the adjustable beds. Jason plans to have the lower section of the valences modified to allow the valences to be reinstalled. Note that there is now a one inch air gap between the mattress and the side table so there will be no interference

Same air gap here on the right side.

Jason’s 80 inch height exceeds the mattress length!

Comfortable in a reading/ watch TV position

In flat position.

The bed in completely flat!

View of bedroom from the sitting room. Notice the large area for walking to the restroom.

Eye candy!