“I purchased an adjustable bed for my RV through Axel Bloom. From the moment I started, the experience has been absolutely wonderful. Yong Lee is absolutely amazing and walked me through it from beginning to end and everything turned out perfect. I can’t say enough about his customer service and personal attention. He answered every question I had and called to check on my progress as well. That kind of customer service is very rare! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and I highly recommend purchasing from this company. From measurements to assembly, help is a phone call or FaceTime away and it’s so much easier to assemble than it looks, it’s literally a couple of plug-ins and done.”

Lea Gray (with her dog Dug)

RV Adjustable bed: Custom Doppelflex MX2

Platform size: 54 X 77 inches
One adjustable bed consisting of Two custom adjustable beds that are synchronized to work together.  Each  adjustable bed is 26.5 X 77 inches

RV Mattress model: DW 800 Medium Firm (to comfy) Mattress. One custom mattresses, 54 x 80 inches.

RV Model: SportTrek 271 VMB

Location: Oklahoma

Customer:  Lea Gray, Full-time RVer

Two adjustable systems placed on platform. To begin, Lea and Yong first connected the sync cable and motor transformers to check that all worked well. She removed the slats to gain access to connect the transformer cables to the motors and drill a hole in the platform to snake down the transformer cables into the storage compartment.  She installed the side stoppers using the instructions that were emailed to her.


Lea took the 120V power from the right side of the platform by connecting an extension cord and snaking it into the storage compartment. There she connected the two transformers for the two motor. By using the extension cable, she preserved the use of the left side 120V outlet.

She removed the slats to get access to connect the sync cable from one black control box for one adjustable bed to the other control box. You can see that she removed the double slats which have coffee colored sliders to make the slats firmer or softer (moving them apart vs. closer together). The transformer is the white plastic box. To the right of the transformer is the black control box which is strapped to one of the wood beams. This box houses the control intelligence, wireless receiver and USB port.


This picture shows another view of the same area. The two red covers protect the revolving steel shafts which drive the lifting mechanisms. The main motor is on the left.

This shows the foot section when it is raised. Note that two black plastic feet rotate on a black rod to provide further support to the foot section. We also provide L-shape metal brackets to secure the external frame to the platform. You can see them on the right and left of the inner wood frame.

Finally, all is complete. Note the mattress fits well so there is no interference from the pillars on the right and left. The two foot stoppers are screwed on the foot section and that is last to be installed.