Our RV at Hoover Dam Parking Lot.

RV Adjustable bed: Custom Doppelflex MX2

First Axel Bloom Adjustable bed installed in A RV Murphy Bed.

Platform size: 70 X 64 inches
Two custom adjustable beds, each 34 X 63 inches
Added 8 L SHAPE brackets to each adjustable bed which are screwed onto the platform which is lifted into a vertical position when the Murphy bed is folded up against the wall of the RV.

RV Mattress model: DW 800 Medium Firm (to comfy) Mattress. Two custom mattresses, each 34 x 63 inches.

RV Model: 2017 Renegade Vienna 25 foot

Location: Pittsburgh, PA.

Customer:  Dr. Charles and Deborah Larsen

My wife, Deborah and I RV-traveling from California cross country, near Lake Tahoe.

Had great trip to Montreal , Quebec City , Nova Scotia Canada .

Slept like babies on our new beds.

Contacted Yong Lee about his beds and different sizes avail for our the Murphy bed. After careful measuring and a few calls to Yong with pictures we decided that it would work and fit. Ordered two single beds and then the fun began.

Took the old 9 inch mattress out and put the first single bed in with a couple screws and folded the Murphy bed just to make sure my measurements were correct. Everything worked fine so continued screwing down both beds, hooked up the electric and attached metal mattress supports on head and foot only. Placed both mattresses on and folded Murphy bed up and down. We used the original strap around the foot of the bed on the mattress so in the folded up position  the mattresses don’t move.

Total time was less than 2 hours from start to finish.

Total time  opening 4 boxes about 2 hours . He packs the boxes very well ,with lots of cardboard and tape.

As a note I am not  a mechanic etc, but  I am a Physician

Hope this tells the story?

If anyone wants more info how we installed your beds on a Murphy bed , I can give them our experience and how easy it was.

Email and I will forward his contact info.



Original setup with Murphy bed folded against the wall.

Original mattress when Murphy bed is unfolded.

One installed adjustable bed. Note the rubber strap that is used later to keep the mattresses in place when the Murphy bed is lifted up.

Both systems installed with the left adjustable bed slightly raised at the foot section.

Both mattresses in place.

The reward of a long journey,