Yong,  Donna and I want you and your company to know how much we are enjoying the wonderful bed you installed for us.  We can’t wait to go to bed each night, and we are sleeping better than we ever have. You truly have a remarkable product. You should be proud of your work.

Thanks for your attention to our needs and installation details.  Best of luck to you. We will be proud to show off what you’ve done for us. 

Best, Les and Donna Aseere


PS – Enjoying the Freedom of Adventure!

Hi Yong,

Just to let you know that we are still enjoying our new bed system every night.  We look forward to it nightly.  Thanks again for working with us to get it installed and set up.

Hope you are well.

We are in Mesa, AZ for the winter.  All set up in our nice site and enjoying connecting with friends and joining in the festivities.  We’ll be here through March, then heading east for more adventures….



RV Adjustable bed: Custom King Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half – King Adjustable system ( 35.5 X 76 inch) screwed on 72 X 76 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. Piano hinge to lift platform to access storage is 30 inches from the headboard. To continue to access the storage compartment, cut the external frame 30.5 inches from the back of the adjustable bed. The remaining 46 inches of the external frame is screwed on the lower platform with four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed that are pre – installed. This allows the lower platform to be lifted up, as per normal, to access the storage area, without the whole adjustable bed being lifted off the platform.For further information, click here:

To use the one piece King mattress, both adjustable systems are in the “Synchronized mode” where the head and back and foot sections raise together. In future, these sections can be unpaired to work independently if the customers wish to have to separate mattresses.

In addition, the head and back sections are set up to move in one plane. The default is to allow the head to raise up first without moving the lumbar/shoulder. Side sleepers love it but some people with GERD/Acid reflux , prefer to sleep on their backs and do not like the head to be tipped forward. The ‘Straight Back ” option addresses that desire for a flat head/back motion.

RV Mattress model: Customer kept existing mattress which is in one King size.

RV Model: Tiffin Phaeton 2014 QBH

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

Customer: Lester and Donna Aseere

We installed the system for the customer in less than two hours.. Here we have placed one section to make sure that we correctly made the adjustable bed. The white plastic wrap is to ensure we do not accidentally open the foot section and have it fling into our face or mash our fingers.

We have drilled holes in the right side of the plywood to drop down our two transformer cables into the storage compartment where we will hook up to an extension cord for power. That cord is connected to one of the 120 V outlets on the side of the mattress. This keeps the look tidy and only uses one 120 V outlet.

Side view to observe the location of the adjustable bed.

The customer wished to use their existing mattress which is a tad wide but was able to raise and brush by the side tables.

Same tight space between the mattress and side table on the right side. The side of the mattress was soft enough so we were able to press them into the side stoppers on the head and foot locations.

The foot stopper had ample clearance when the slider was brought in and did not touch the dresser.

The position of the head when the back was raised.

Both the back and foot sections were raised without an issue.

In the flat position.

With the back gently raised.

One more view of the adjustable raised.

In their Salon!

A musician in the house!