This is the second Adjustable Bed which we have supplied to Andy Brittell!

The first was for his Tiffin Phaeton. This one is for his Entegra Cornerstone. Andy is a 31-year Veteran Fireman


In July, 2022, I asked if he would be willing to share his life as a full-time RVer. He has a very interesting life and is the first very first customer who has done so. Thank you Andy!

RV Adjustable bed: Custom King Doppelflex MX2

One custom King adjustable bed consisting of Two synchronized 2 – motor custom Half – King Adjustable system ( each 34.5 X 77 inch) screwed on 70 X 77 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. Piano hinge to lift platform to access storage is 2 inches from the headboard. To continue to access the storage compartment, cut the external frame 9 inches from the back of the adjustable bed. The remaining external frame is screwed on the lower platform with four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed that are pre – installed. This allows the lower platform to be lifted up, as per normal, to access the storage area, without the whole adjustable bed being lifted off the platform.For further information, click here:

To use the one piece King mattress, both adjustable systems are in the “Synchronized mode” where the head and back and foot sections raise together. In future, these sections can be unpaired to work independently if the customer wishes to have to separate mattresses.

RV Mattress model: DW 800 medium firm mattress: 70 x 77 inches

RV Model: Entegra 2018 Cornerstone

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Customer: Andy Brittell, Veteran Fireman, Full-time RVer


Completed installation! We installed it for him in Los Angeles.

Andy in bed with feet slightly raised and back raised.

Andy lying with bed in flat position,

Platform raised to access storage. The two transformers for the two adjustable beds are installed in the storage compartment. One 120 V outlet is used with an extension cord that is inserted into the storage compartment to provide power to the two transformers.

The back in raised position. Good clearance from the cabinet above the bed.

Ample clearance from the side of the mattress to the side table when the back of the bed is raised.

To avoid brushing the window valence, Andy removed the window valence and plans to have it modified and reinstalled so a lower profile valence will not graze the side of the adjustable bed.

Subsequent to the installation, Andy reinstalled the window valences. He had the frames made about 1.5 inches narrower so the backs of the adjustable bed would skim by the valences. He used the same fitments to secure the valances. Looks real good! Here are the photos of the right and left sides.

The right side.

The left side.