RV Adjustable bed: Custom Doppelflex MX2

Two 2 – motor custom Adjustable systems (each 29 X 77 inch) . Independently adjustable systems with 10 double slats to firm up or soften the lumbar region. Piano hinge to lift platform to access storage is 30 inches from the headboard. To continue to access the storage compartment, cut the external frame 30.5 inches from the head of the adjustable bed. The lower 46.5 inches of the external frame is screwed on the fixed lower platform with four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed that are pre – installed. This allows the lower platform to be lifted up, as per normal, to access the storage area, without the whole adjustable bed being lifted off the platform.

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RV Mattress model: DW 800 Medium Firm (to comfy) Mattress. Two custom mattresses, each 29 X 77 inches.

RV Model: Grand Design 2021 Solitude

Location: Minifree, CA

Customer: Darian Park and Frances Anderson, US Post Office


Fit perfectly. No interference from window valence. When we installed, the Fifth Wheeler was new and the Genset or Solar-powered option had yet to be installed so we were unable to power up the electric motors. Thus the beds were not raised. We will add photos later of the raised system.

Side of the bed had ample air gap (min 1.5 inch) between the adjustable bed frame and the side wall so the back could be raised without interference.

Darian explained that when they picked Axel Bloom’s adjustable system, besides our ability to customize the size, our system’s low weight was important as he did not want to add too much weight to the slider support mechanism.  In his size, our two adjustable frames weight approx 130 pounds plus the two mattresses approx 80 pounds for a total of 210 pounds. No problem when he tested the system as you see above.

Note the clearance from the right-side table from the edge of the mattress/head and back raising sections.

Ample room from the foot section to the dresser when the slider is brought in!

In addition, Darian plans to replace the wider platform with one that is narrower so they can walk around the bed and hop on the adjustable beds with more ease. The custom narrower adjustable was made so that the adjustable back sections had to avoid the side tables (see photos above). The result was a platform with excess width.

View of the room when the slider is drawn out. You can see there is generous room at the foot section so Darian’s plan to narrow the platform for more walk room on the sides of the bed frame makes sense (see above).

A handsome team – both new RAM truck and Fifth Wheeler.