This Winnebago Solis 59PX is built on a RAM Promaster 3500 chassis

RV Adjustable Bed:  Two independently operated custom adjustable beds.

Custom ALL SLAT SUSPENSION – Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM 30″ x 70″ – Custom RV Dimensions.

To avoid the rear door pillars, one edge of the top and side head sections was cut 6 X 6 inches to create a triangular space for the pillar.

Mattress Model: DW 800 Medium-Firm to the Comfy Mattress. Two custom mattresses, each 30 x 70 inches with same triangular cut as the adjustable bed above.

RV Model: Winnebago Solis 59PX

Customers: Angela and Jack Ezekiel

Location: Sacramento, CA

You’ll be happy to know that I finished my support frame build out in about 5 days. Life then got really busy and I ended up going on a cruise (July 30 – Aug. 6).  I slept in the van BEFORE that cruise just to try it out, and I slept in it when I got home from the cruise (we spent the night out of town).

I slept for 10 hours that night! Excellent!!! Jack Agrees.

Needless to say, the adjustable beds are a wonderful addition and I am so happy we have them!  We head out for a big road trip this coming Wednesday.

I ended up suspending the entire support, thus leaving the entire area underneath for storage. I think I’m going to rebuild the frame out of aluminum to make it lighter and to give me a little more space under the upper cabinets.

Angela and Jack Ezekiel

The Beginning. Original bed setup in the rear of the Winnebago.

The four boxes delivered by FedEx. Two boxes for the two adjustable beds and accessories. The other two boxes for the two mattresses.

Unpacked left and right adjustable beds ready for installation.

Side stoppers and foot stopper accessories on top of box. On the floor is the Driver side adjustable bed.

This is the Driver side adjustable bed. NOTE: The top right of the bed was custom notched so the adjustable head section would avoid the door hinge pillar.

The adjustable beds will be placed on the existing cabinets.

Driver-side framing

Extension to framing for storage

Joining from top view

Passenger side adjustable bed installed

Mattress placed on bed

Trial sleep before trip!

Ready to go!