RV Adjustable Bed:  Two independently operated Fifth Wheel Motor home adjustable beds.

Custom Adjustable BedDoppelflex MX2 adjustable bed with two motors for each bed

Platform is 57 X 72 inches with an air gap on both sides of 1.5 inch.

Two adjustable beds, each 28 X 74 inches. Made bed 2 inches longer than platform as there was enough space to extend it and still walk around the end of the bed. Made mattress yet another inch longer at 75 inches. Straight Back Option for both beds so the head and back sections move together when the back is lifted up (see photo below).

To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 25 inches. (Platform hinge location is 24 inches from headboard). This results in 49 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: DW 800 Medium-Firm to the Comfy Mattress. Each mattress 28.5 x 75 inches,

RV Model: 2004 Keystone Trailer

Customers: Larry and Edie Adams

Location: Jefferson, OR

Larry described his adventure to find an adjustable bed.

Nothing more to add but a BIG THANK YOU LARRY AND EDIE!


“Recently we purchased a bed system from Yong at Axelbloomsleep.  What a great investment.

We have a 2004 Tail-Gator 5th wheel by Keystone that we use about 2 months a year for dry camping where we can enjoy solitude, watching animals and exploring old roads in our 2021 Honda Pioneer 520 SxS.

As with most RV’s, the beds are usually somewhat marginal in comfort.  Edie and I have tried several memory foam mattresses with varying luck.  With her increasing discomfort due to back and hip issues, night time was not particularly looked forward to.

In an effort to make her comfortable we have tried pillows and cushions to give the appropriate amount of support and comfort.  But these turned out to be a real problem since they had to be moved in and out of the bed, blocking floor room and causing further sleeplessness.

Several years ago, I tried to find an adjustable bed.  After searching on the internet, I did find one.  But it required the complete dismantling of the bed box, rebuilding it and then losing all of the storage space that had been under the bed.

Fast forward to our contact with Yong.  Amazing!!  Axelbloomsleep has just the answer.  An adjustable bed that sits atop the existing bed platform, saving the storage area beneath.

Our bed is a RV Short Queen.  I carefully measured all the needed parameters and Yong had our bed sitting in our driveway in less than 2 weeks. Custom made for our dimensions .

While waiting for the bed I marked the center line of the bed platform to help when install time arrived.  BUT!! While measuring the center line I realized that the bed platform was not perfectly centered between the side cabinets.  So, then I centered the bed platform line to be equidistant from each cabinet, thereby giving clearance for the new bed.  Otherwise, when raising each side of the bed, one half would have hit the cabinet.

When the bed halves arrived, I spent one afternoon unpacking them.  Now that is no small feat since these were wrapped and boxed so secure that I cannot imagine any damage ever occurring to the mattresses and frames.

The next day I installed the bed halves and wired the controls into a 600W inverter that we have. My wiring is rather unprofessional at this time since we took off the next day for 2 weeks in Eastern Oregon.

The beds were awesome!!  Edie could adjust the head and knees to whatever comfortable position needed.  And no pillows to fight with. She was almost speechless when she first laid down and hit the bed control. What comfort!

We still have the storage under the bed and it is easily accessible.

We are now getting ready to take off again and won’t be back until the end of September.  Same area, gravel roads, no people, no cars.  Just elk, deer, wild turkeys, owls and a few noisy coyotes.



PS. Edie has a tip for bed sheets: At Amazon by Giblin. Camp Cotton. 30 x 75 inches.

Picture perfect installation!

Lovely wooden cabinets.

Larry snaked the transformer cables from the storage compartment through two holes in the platform to connect to the motors installed with the bed on the top of the platform.

Platform raised to access storage compartment! Original struts will do with wooden pole for security.

Adjustable bed back raised. Notice sufficient side clearance of the mattress from the wooden cabinets on the sides so the back does not graze the cabinets when the back is raised.

You can see the significant difference in elevation between the raised and flat beds.

Normally the back will raise a little higher however Larry had requested the option to make the head and back raise together in one plane (“Straight Back option”). Typically, people who sleep on their back ( for example because of Acid Reflux) prefer this motion instead of our default motion where the head section lifts up first, followed by the back section.  With this Straight Back option, the head section follows the angle of elevation of the back and therefore does not elevate higher and forwards as it normally does.

You can see a video comparing the two motions. People who are side sleepers prefer the default two-step lifting motion as the shoulder is only raised AFTER the head is raised.

This link is for the adjustable bed. The video is about half way down the page.

To be at peace with Nature!