RV Adjustable Bed:  Two independently operated Fifth wheel motorhome adjustable beds with two different Suspension models.

One model: Custom ALL SLAT SUSPENSION – Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM 32.5″ x 77″ – Custom RV Dimensions).

Second Model: Custom HYBRID SLAT AND POD SUSPENSION Quattroflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM 32.5″ x 77″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To make hip region softer, swapped the firmer grey pods for softer bronze pods in three rows. Provided ten spare red firmness adjusters for future potential use if customer wishes firmer setup for the pods.

To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 30.5 inches. (Platform hinge location is 30 inches from headboard). This results in 46.5 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: DW 800 Medium-Firm to the Comfy Mattress. Each mattress 33 x 77 inches,

RV Model:2022 Grand Design Solitude

Customers: Kathleen and Paul Leavitt

Location: Rosemount, MN

Paul recorded his assembly process below. He and Kathy installed it one evening with hardly a phone call to me. From 4 pm to 9 pm. Typically I will talk to customers 2-6 times during installation.

“We love the bed.  We laid on the bed it was soooo comfortable!! We are excited.  There is plenty of room on the mattress for us. Our Solitude had large gas piston support bars for the bed lift so we didn’t need to add stronger ones.  We have easy access to the storage under the bed.  The bed adjusts so much easier than our sleep number I8. Thanks for the idea to narrow the mattress that was great. We have plenty of room to get around the bed and access to the dressers. “

Kathy and Paul Leavitt


Below are Paul’s installation notes:

I used the directions sent via Email

  1. Unpackaged frames and set on bed base.  Moved until positioned where hinge would allow bed base to be lifted up without binding.
  2. Put in a few screws to secure and tested motion of bed frames using motor controllers .
  3. Drilled holes in base and side of base to string power cables to storage compartment and up to plug into motor controller boxes.
  4. Secured motor power wire with zip ties to hold in place without pressure on connector.
  5. Finished screwing in bed frames
  6. Put Lower side mattress side stoppers on bed frame
  7. Put bottom mattress foot stoppers on bed frame
  8. Had trouble figuring out how to attach upper bed mattress side stoppers as that area is different and holes drilled were behind where slats attach.
  9. Removed 4 slats and installed keepers.  Did not screw in as will be held in place by slate attachments.  Slats reattached .
  10. Put mattresses on bed
  11. Kathy bought mattress covers. ( no pictures yet of bed with bedding as need to order custom sheets for size )
  12. Of note.  Screws included were 3/4 inch long.  These protrude through the 1/2 inch bed base by 1/4 inch.  I may buy shorter screws and replace them due to the sharp heads.

Thank you Paul and Kathy!


The two different adjustable suspensions placed side by side. On the left, the Quattroflex MX2 model with a hybrid POD and Slat suspensions. The pods arrayed are firmer in the lumbar region and softer in the shoulder region. In this case, we swapped three lower rows of the firmer pods for the softer bronze pods.

This is another viewpoint of the two adjustable beds placed on the platform. The blue tape is to indicate where to attach the side and foot stoppers to hold the mattresses in place.

Here the two adjustable frames foot sections are lifted up and over so the L-shaped brackets on the inner sides of the external frame can be screwed on the platform. This also demonstrates how flexible our bed system can be to access storage if the platform were removed entirely.

View of raised platform before starting the installation process.

Placed one transformer for the left adjustable bed in the storage compartment. Made a hole in platform to snake cable up to connect with the motor.

The same arrangement for the second transformer. Note that Paul kept the original struts that were able to raise the adjustable bed and mattress.

Accessed power for the transformer on the right wall.

Same for the left transformer to access power.

Location of the left frame where the shortened external Quattroflex POD suspension frame is placed just after the hinge location so the platform can be raised normally.

Same positioning of the Slat suspension frame is placed just below the hinge.

The plywood platform is 1/2 inch and the supplied 3/4 inch screws protruded through the platform Paul planned to either replace the screws with shorter 1/2 inch or cover the exposed screws with putty protector.

We added spacers to support the head section that was unsupported after cutting the back of the the external frame.

Another view of the spacers for supporting the head section.

Bed system fully installed. You can see that the edges of the frame was set on the side of the platform. Paul and I purposely left about 1 inch air gap between the two frames so they would not rub against each other and we would have 1 inch “wiggle” room for installation. The custom mattresses fit perfectly.

The side of the bed was measured so that the raised back would not not graze the side of the window.

Here the side of the bed had more room between it and the wall but notice the space to the window was just right so the back would not graze the window.

Lots of room to walk around the bed and pull out the drawers.

Paul was able to raise the back all the way: almost a right-angle. The black unit is the wireless controller with three memory settings. It communicates with a receiver box which has one USB connector for charging an mobile phone etc.