RV Adjustable Bed:  Two adjustable beds that are synchronized to work together with a one-piece mattress for a 2024 FLAGSTAFF 26RBWS Travel Trailer

Custom Adjustable Bed– Doppelflex MX2 adjustable bed with two motors for each bed

Two adjustable beds, each 29.5 X 79 inches.

To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 50.5 inches. (Platform hinge location is 50 inches from headboard).  See the photos below for the very special construction we made to the lower adjustable section. Normally the hinge is located between 20-30 inches from the headboard. This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model:Customer used their own mattress

RV Model:  2024 Flagstaff 26 RBWS Travel Trailer

Customers:  Fred and Kim Raymond

Location: Atlanta, Texas

The unique aspect of the platform was the relatively shorter lower section which could be lifted for storage access. Normally, the hinge is 20-30 inches from the headboard. Here, it is 50 inches from the headboard. We made a separate lower section and allowed the lower frame to rest over the platform to make the overall bed longer.

You can see the lower section overhangs the platform by about 3 inches.

You can see the special lower section we made to accommodate the lower hinge point. That lower section is screwed on the platform with the four L-shaped brackets that are installed by use on the inner frame.  Here the customer is checking the dimensions to add a piece to support the side of the bed that is overhanging the right side of the platform (see photo below showing the attachment).

Fred made access holes to run the wires fro his electric blankets and the power extension for the transformer from the 120 volt outlet from the upper location to feed it through the lower section of the platform.

Same holes made for the left side of the bed to snake power cable from the top 120 volt outlet to the lower section.

Fred installed plastic caps on the holes for a very smart look!

The transformer which is the translucent brick is placed inside the shelf and the wires are snaked through to the ready to connect to the adjustable bed motor.

Fred installed a custom L-bracket to support the right side of the lower frame.

Added the 2 x 2 inch bracket and moved the L-brackets to secure the the lower section

Half the job done! Fully raised at the head/back and lower section to gain storage access. Looks like a praying mantis!.

Detail of the side bracket support.

Back of head/back section lifted to show angle of elevation and L bracket screwed on to platform.

An amazing job! Fred is rightfully proud of his work. He was able to preserve the original lower platform with the custom brackets.

The black rods are to allow two feet (each bed) to pivot on the rods when the foot section is raised.

Another view of the lower section.

Location of the wires fro the electric blankets.

Securing the wires!

Note that the lower sections have been flipped back in this photo. the two feet for each bed are at the ends. When folded back, the two feet of each bed would rest on the black rod (see above).

The foot stopper has been screwed on the top of the foot section and is the last item to be screwed on as the location of the mattress determines the location to screw on the foot stopper.

A very tidy installation! Would not know there is a hi-tech adjustable bed hiding under the mattress!

Flat position!

Raised back!

Lovely setup!