Axel Bloom Class A Motorhome Adjustable Bed 2017 Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP Bus


Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35″ x 78.0″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 31.5 inches. (Platform hinge location is 31 inches from headboard). Cut 5 inches from foot of external frame. Add extension 3-4 inches to head section to offset 5 inch cut at foot section. This results in 48-49 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy)  Two custom mattresses, each 36 X 80 inches.

RV Model: Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP BUS

Customer Location: Bushnell, Florida

Our wunderbar customer, Catherine!

“We are extremely pleased with our new Split-King adjustable bed.  We had been spoiled by our adjustable beds in our sticks-and-bricks home and really missed being able to individually adjust our beds. The need came to a head when a) hubby messed up his knee and needed to have his leg elevated (with surgery scheduled for later), and b) I broke three bones in my feet – two metatarsals in my right foot and one in my left – and needed to elevate my feet for the swelling.
When I spoke to Yong, he worked with me to ensure the bed would work with our RV.  All the other reviews stating that Yong was meticulous in communication and measurements were spot-on perfect.  This particular RV has a slide at the bed where you have to raise the back of the bed before the slide comes in.  The adjustable head of the new frame would need to elevate enough to allow the original frame to come up without interference.  I provided the measurements of everything to Yong, along with a close estimate of the angle of the original frame when completely raised. Yong stated the estimated build and delivery time, at which I expressed my delight that it should be here a few days before my husband’s scheduled knee surgery.  I was completely surprised a couple of weeks later when we received a notice for delivery several weeks earlier than expected.
FedEx Freight delivered the bed exactly when scheduled, and Yong called us within minutes of the delivery.  We were still getting it inside, so I told him we would call him back after we got it in.  A couple of hours later he called me back to give me some installation tips.  The written instructions we received were so clear that we already had the main steps completed before he even called back!  When we raised the new frame, then raised the original frame behind it, we had a millimeter or two to spare.  Yong had designed it perfectly.
We have been sleeping on our new bed for a week now and have had no adjustment issues.  It is quite comfortable and the adjustable head portion brings your head up slightly higher than your back.  This makes reading or watching television much easier because you don’t have to use as many pillows to get to the proper angle.  About the only thing I would say to watch for is the width.  While the mattress is technically narrower than our last mattress, it is a split mattress. This seems to add slightly to the overall width.  It is more difficult to make the bed than before, even after adding the mattress retainer. I would recommend going down in width a bit due to the overall increase when you have a split mattress.  Also, the frame and tall mattress added just enough height to the setup that it is slightly difficult to get into and out of bed without a step stool.  I am vertically challenged (5’2″), so if you are tall this wouldn’t be your situation at all.  It’s not an issue – just something you may want to be aware of.”
Fit for the King and Queen!
Bed measurements
The Platform dimensions consists of two parts. The first is the movable head section that is tilted up when the slider is moved in. The length is 26 inches and the board is lifted by a steel frame. When the board lays down, there is a 4.75 inch air gap between the top and bottom boards. The challenge was to ensure that when raised, the Axel Bloom back would not hit the steel frame.
The customer was adept at removing the back board which made it simpler to install the Axel Bloom adjustable section.
Precise measurements were shared with Axel Bloom.
IMG_3772 2
Axel Bloom then assembled a prototype to fit the side profile of the existing raised board within a “virtual box” from the customers’ dimensions.




IMG_3771 3



The L-shape brackets at the edge of each adjustable frame had to be relocated up by the customer so it could be screwed onto the platform.