Axel Bloom Adjustable Bed for Class A Motorhome 2019 Tiffin ALLEGRO RED 37BA

Dear Yong,

Mark and I wanted to say that you were such a pleasure to talk to and you made the process so easy!

You kept us informed throughout the shipping process, ensured that we received it without damage, and provided guidance in the installation process.

We moved into our RV over a month ago while selling our house and I was desperate for back and neck relief!  We received and installed the bed Monday and the last 2 nights have been fantastic and I’m so happy we made the purchase.  Definitely worth every penny!

I can’t thank you enough!


Julia and Mark

Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35.5″ x 77.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 31 inches. (Platform hinge location is 30.5 inches from headboard). This results in 48 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Both half adjustable systems are synchronized to work together as customer’s mattress is a one-piece mattres. One wireless controller for raising the four-motor system.

Mattress Model: Customer’s existing Tempurpedic mattress.

RV Model:Tiffin Allegro Red

Location: Auburn, Washington State