Axel Bloom Adjustable Bed for Class A Motorhome 2018 Newmar 45′ Mountain Aire 4537


Customer’s first contact by email to Axel Bloom:

“We live full time in a 2018 Newmar Mountain Aire.  It came standard with the Sleep Number R5 which is a RV King Radius on a platform with access to storage.  We access the storage often because we use it as a type of pantry for non perishable grocery items since we like campgrounds away from cities.
I have a number of issues that limit restful sleep.  I have a neurological issue that often creates night sweats.  Even when i am not suffering those I am a hot sleeper. My wife is always cold.
I am a side sleeper that tends to wake up every hour or so to roll over due to pain or numbness but I am not able to sleep on my back.
I prefer a soft plush bed.  My wife can sleep on anything.  
I would like a recommendation for a split adjustable bed with mattress.”

Products that we provided:

Adjustable Bed:  Custom King Quattroflex MX2

TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35.5″ x 77″). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 31.5 inches. Add custom head section of 3-4 inches to extend head section. Tall customer. (Platform hinge location is 30 inches from headboard). This results in 45.5 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: Custom medium firm (to the comfy) most popular mattress:  DW 800 King . Two mattresses, each 36 X 78 inches

RV Model: 2018 Newmar Mountain Aire

Location: Angel Fire RV Resort

Customer, Doug Savchenko, is Manager of the Angel Fire RV Resort: Go Visit!

“Angel Fire is a quaint, mountain village nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. As a community we have a big heart and loads of passion, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to our outdoor-loving family!”

Customer Testimonial: Doug posted this on this Forum site of his experience:

“I wanted to share an experience in getting a new bed for our 2018, 45’ Mountain Aire 4537. We purchased the new MADP this year in January, which came with a Sleep Number, King size bed. Along with numerous issues affecting my sleep I had a couple of back surgeries last year. The Sleep Number bed that came with the MH just was not helping me sleep at all. I researched on Consumer Research, Web reviews, RV Forums, and specialty sites, and came across a company in California that specializes in custom beds for RVs. The reviews on their site were so glowing I was a bit skeptical (thinking they must be paid for reviews). Well was I ever wrong. The company – makes adjustable beds with custom sizes. From my first discussions with Yong Lee, up to guiding the installation via phone, I have never experienced a more helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and honest man. He interviewed both myself and my wife on physical issues we had and how we slept then made recommendations on what was best for us and not most expensive for him. The bed arrived as promised, was less expensive than I had expected it would be, was easy enough for my wife and I to install and as promised was the most comfortable bed I have slept in. In my honest opinion this company and Yong are amongst the finest example of great customer service I have ever experienced.”

Thank you very much Doug! Yong


Both mattresses, placed on the adjustable systems. Notice that the side of the mattress on the left side just skims past the window valence.

Two custom size adjustable beds with hybrid suspension consisting of slats and interchangeable white and grey softer and firmer pods. Head and back sections raised with custom additional 4 inch long head section.

Both suspensions in flat position. Note that we made the width of the two adjustable sections exactly fit the plywood platform. When the bed is raised from the back, the back will not graze the side tables or window valences. There is about one- inch clearance from the side stoppers in the head section to the window valance (see upper photo on the left and right of the head sections).

The head section of the right adjustable bed is raised about 45 degrees. By keeping the finger on the button, the same section will then continue to lift the back/lumber to about 75 degrees. With the mattress on that adjustable, the angle will be close to a right angle.

To facilitate access to the storage under the platform, we cut   the external frame 31.5 inches from the top top the hinge location so the lower platform can be raised without the frame being cantilevered. See how we do it here:

Here the foot section is lifted at the knee about half the maximum height.