AXEL BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BED: Roadtrek 2500 SHC Adventurous.

Richard and Kim D’Angelo, Connecticut

Mattress: DW 800 Split Queen (Two custom mattresses, each approx. 25 X 75 inches with jag in modifications (cut in 6 X 6 inch) at the tops of the mattresses to curve around the door pillars)

Adjustable Bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2 (24.5″ x 75″ – Custom RV Dimensions). A short head extension was necessary to avoid the door pillars on the left and right of the rear .

RV Model: Roadtrek 2500 SHC Adventurous 5-cyliner Diesel 

“Kim and Rich D’Angelo Jr. met in Junior High School at the age of 13. They remained friends for many years. Friendship turned to love and marriage 26 years ago. Rich is retired from both the military and Sikorsky aircraft. He was a helicopter crew chief while at Sikorsky. He is a former competitive Body Builder. he likes to stay active and still enjoys scuba diving.

Kim along with her brother Dennis DeMatteis Jr. hold Nine United States ballroom titles. Kim and Dennis also taught ballroom dancing. Their dance career came to an abrupt end. The end was due to a terrible auto accident where Kim was a passenger.  World titles and world tours were taken away. Also plans for a studio. Kim survived a giant brain aneurysm at the age of 37 on Rich’s birthday. This caused total paralysis on Kim’s left side which remains today. The idea of yearly cruises and the one they were booked on were a thought of the past. Finally they purchased the first RV Sprinter; the first in Connecticut. Their home has undergone some changes. For independence and safety a needed change was Adjustable beds in their home.

Thoughts of the end of RVing came to mind due to the need for a specific size for an adjustable bed. This began a search, whereupon we came across Axel Bloom adjustable beds. The service and beds have been more than we could ever have expected.”

Kim and Rich D’Angelo

Hamden, CT

Four boxes from Axel Bloom via Fedex. Two above. Two cardboard boxes for protection. Foam inserts to protect the sides. Notice the custom extension on the right side of the adjustable bed to circumvent the pillar for the door. This is the driver side. Same mirror image for the passenger side. Initial installation for the passenger side of the adjustable bed and mattress. Note that the mattress was also customized to circumvent the door pillar.   Both adjustable systems in place. Adjustable bed on passenger side. Note the fit of the top of the mattress around the pillar on the top left. The driver side of the adjustable bed, again with the top right of the mattress custom made to wrap around the door pillar. Both beds with center console placed back in place. Note the clearance for the foot on the passenger side. Tight but doable: when the feet are at rest, the feet flop right and left; not vertical. Higher location of console on driver side so feet less restricted getting in and out. Interior Beauty!