AXEL BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BED: Sprinter with Bicycles, Adjustable Beds, Batteries etc.

Mattress: DW 800 Split Queen (Two custom mattresses, each approx. 30 X 75 inch

Adjustable Bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2 (29.5″ x 74.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions).

RV Model: Custom Sprinter designed to Store Mountain bikes sideways and install Axel Bloom Beds that can be slid out to stare at the Stars!  Videos galore below!

Greg and Christy Bishop, Utah

Before you see the planning Greg did before and after installing our bed, check out this YouTube video of his whole Sprinter.

Must See Video Introduction to the features of Greg’s Sprinter


Our two adjustable beds and two mattresses arrive


The adjustable bed securely boxed with foam inserts and double cardboard boxes.

The Beginning…  

From the rear.


Placing the adjustable and mattress on five protoype cross beams

The view from the rear. Wait till you see the rest of the build under the bed. View of prototype frame.

Operating the adjustable bed!

Now begins the final frame.



      Plenty of body and foot vertical clearance




Love the lights!