Mattress: Customer used original mattress and cut it to size (as show below).

Adjustable Bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2 (30″ X 74.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions). The head adjustable/movable section was “defeated” so that the head and back sections moved together in one motion. Customer slept mainly on back for health reasons.

RV Model: Customer modified the support of the bed base to accommodate Axel Bloom adjustable beds. See photos below.

Customers: Jim and Sharon Meadows, Madison, Wisconsin

“The Axel Bloom bed-frame is the perfect solution to having adjustable beds in our 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW, which has twin beds. Our bed at home is adjustable and I always sleep with my side elevated. When we saw your ad in a magazine I said this is exactly what we have been looking for!  We had already added comfortable mattress pads that are very flexible, and they work great with these beds. These bed frames now make it easy to elevate to a comfortable reading position as well. 

I was able to install each twin bed by myself by taking my time over a couple of days. I followed the pictures and tips provided, and was able to position the bed frames on the wood platforms, add side and foot stoppers and then screw the bed frames to the wood platforms.  We were already using a nice extension cord to provide a power strip on the bedside table between the beds and it was easy to use that to power each of the beds.

I was very impressed with the quality of the bed-frame construction and how the motors for the head and foot areas easily raise and lower them to various positions. The remote controls are a nice touch!

Now our RV is even more like our home away from home.”

Jim & Sharon Meadows

Arrival of the adjustable bed. See how it was packaged. They blue paper strips indicate where the screw holes are located for the insertion of the side and foot stoppers. Jim made custom plywood pieces to rest on frame. Perfect fit! The adjustable bed fit perfectly. Note that Jim provided dimensions so we could make sure that when the back of the bed was raised, that it would not graze the wall of the RV. Also the bed frame was shortened to fit the 75 inch length.

The adjustable bed fully raised. Note that the foot section rises at the knee and pivots at the foot. The head and back were made to raise together in one motion. The default is the head section first raises about 30 degrees before the back is raised. (see other customer profiles where this is shown or view the videos comparing the head and back raising sequentially versus together in one motion here: Click the link to the Doppelflex MX2 adjustable bed).  

The other side of the Bed system. Note that there is a trap door under the foot section which the customer could open by curling over the foot section. See example of double-jointed foot section that is curled over below.


Here the power cable is taken from the side outlet and snaked around the center console and into the storage space below the adjustable bed where the transformer resides; the transformer wire emerges through the plywood top and is inserted into the top end of the electric motor that is on the left side of the adjustable bed.

I was able to keep use of the storage area on the left in the Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW by removing the hinges and cutting the door to the storage area into three parts.

With the foot end of the bed raised, I can reach in and remove the three pieces and have access to the storage area.





Our current foam mattress pads we have been using in our 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer were sized at 32″ to match the mattress that came with the Tiffin.  To clear the side window I ordered 30″ bed frames and they clear the window fine.  I decided to try trimming the upper portion of our foam mattress pads to 30″ leaving the remainder of the pads at 32″ so it would be flush with the wall.  This seems to work well.  See attached pictures. The left bed has the cover on the trimmed pads.  The right shows the trimmed foam with the bed flat and partially raised.


  The customer used his existing mattress that fit the adjustable bed well. He had yet to add the side and foot mattress stoppers.  

Adjustable systems raised from the back.


Adjustable beds in flat position

And here is the final result! 

I show them level, raised and how I ran an extension cord power strip to the beside table between the beds to easily power both beds.