RV Adjustable bed: Custom Queen Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half-Queen Adjustable system ( 27.5 X 72 inch) screwed on platform in four places with L-shape brackets. This was a very unusual installation. The customer cut the external frame so that platform lid could continue to be lifted to access storage compartment.

Both adjustable systems are in the “Straight Back mode” where the head section that raises first, was defeated so that the head and back sections raised in one plane. The “Default” mode is for the head to raise first (up to about 40 degrees) followed by the back. This head motion allows the shoulder to be left in place and is favored by the majority of customers who enjoy side sleeping. Some customers for health reasons  (e.g. acid reflux) and those who sleep predominately on their backs prefer the head and back to come up in one motion: “Straight Back Mode”.

RV Mattress model: DW 800 Medium Firm (to comfy) Mattress. Two Custom Half Queen (28 X 72 inch) mattresses.

RV Model: Thor 2021 Omni XG-32

Location: Hartville, Ohio

Customer: John Ash

This was the first time we had such a modification made by a customer to allow him to access a storage space that is covered by a trap door. He is mechanically skillful and we were able together find a solution. To his full credit, the fit and finish by him was first-class! You can read his description of his work under the second photo below.

Here are his general comments:

“Considering all of the modifications that were necessary to make the beds fit and at the same time provide access to the utilities under the bed frame, l like the way the beds turned out. I hope my wife and I will get many years of use out of our new adjustable beds in our new class C Motorhome.

Thanks for your help and thoughts with designing the beds and bed modifications to fit our RV bedroom.

The bedroom where the new beds are installed is in the slide out at the rear of the passenger side. The RV is a 2021 Thor Omni XG-32 (33’-8” in length).

My wife checked out the beds after she returned from her trip and although she hasn’t slept on them yet, she thinks they are comfortable and likes the adjustability.  She very much likes that we were able to fit the beds in perfectly flat even with the slide in.”



“I finished installing the beds. I cut the existing door on the bed platform and added an additional hinge and supporting wood inside the two door halves to allow for more support when the beds were attached to the platform.

I also added a support to the top of the access door to shim up the felt covered brackets that were removed due to cutting the wooden side rails to facilitate the door opening. Both beds are screwed down to the bed platform with the brackets you installed on the wooden rails. ” John Ash.

Note that the Adjustable on the right has the external frame cut in the center so that when both adjustables are raised, the trap door can be flipped open. There are two plastic feet that are under the final foot section (not visible in photo) which drop down when the foot section is unfolded. These feet are cups which rest on the black rod (see location where there is white silicon grease on the black rod) to provide a pivoting action and support in case the user accidentally sits on the foot section when it is raised. These feet need to be put back into place on the black rod otherwise the foot section will not work.

The blue masking tap is placed by us to indicate where the side and foot stoppers need to be installed.

If you look carefully, you can see the plastic feet (discussed in preceding paragraph above) pivoting below the right foot section of the adjustable bed on the right.


Both adjustables in the flat position.

The customer correctly measured the distance available for us to custom make the length for the adjustable NOT to scrape/hit the dresser when the slider was brought in. Note the upper adjustable just touched the hand rail.

Now you can see how far back the bed rests when the slider is moved back.

You can see the custom widths for the adjustable and mattress were correct as there is about a 1 inch air gap from the side of the left mattress to the side marble table to avoid interference when the back is raised.