RV Adjustable bed: Custom Full Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Two Half-Full Adjustable system ( each 23.25 X 63 inch). The main center body was installed on a 47 x 51 inch platform; separate adjustable head and foot sections rested on recessed, molded plastic alcoves. This was a very unusual installation over two days. The customer drove to Los Angeles so we could measure the custom adjustable sections and make a custom hexagonal mattress. We met them on a Friday evening, made a prototype the next day and delivered the complete system and custom mattress on Sunday morning!

Such a pleasure to work with Sandy and Ed!

Both adjustable systems had shortened head sections that rested in an alcove. The head section raises first, before raising the lumbar section. The foot section raises at the knee and was shortened so it could rest in the foot alcove.  This head motion allows the shoulder to be left in place and is favored by the majority of customers who enjoy side sleeping.

The two half adjustable sections were synchronized to work together so a one piece custom Full mattress could be used.

RV Mattress model: DW 200 Firm (to comfy) Mattress. One Custom Half Hexagonal mattresses: sequentially, the lengths of the outer mattress were 51X 11.6 X 40 X 11.6 X 51 X 11.6 X 40 X 11.6 inches. The wedge shape was required so the head and foot sections could fit inside their respective alcoves and interfere with the upper part of the alcove as the adjustable bed and platform was raised.

RV Model: Winnebago Revel

Location: Cedarville, CA

Customer: Sandy and Ed (“Cowboy”) Stevenson


This was the space with the original bed fully raised to the ceiling.

On the left is the head section and the alcove is below the window where we rested the head section of our adjustable bed.

Here is the adjustable bed foot section resting perfectly in the alcove of the foot area when the bed platform is lowered completely.

Here, on the left, is the head section resting in the head alcove, just where is the joint is present to raise the head section.


Both adjustable half-Full sections installed with the side stopper screwed into the head section of the adjustable bed to keep the mattress from sliding off.

Customer wanted to move the firmness adjusters to the firmest setting which is where the coffee-colored sliders are set to the ends of each double slat.

The adjustable beds were strapped with black plastic ties to the underside platform frame to secure them from moving.

Both adjustable beds raised in sync with the head and lumbar sections in the maximum elevations. Adding the mattress will raise it higher (see below).

Here is both foot sections lifted up in sync  – about 9 inches vertically from the horizontal.

Here is the top of the mattress in flat position.

Here is the foot of the mattress in flat position with the bottom (three sided custom cut) fitting the alcove.

The view with the mattress and adjustable bed and the head section raised slightly up.

Adjustable bed raised and the firm DW 200 mattress does not follow the contour of the adjustable bed as there is no body weight on it.  See how the mattress follows the contour below when Sandy and Ed rest on it.

Sandy and Ed in bed!! Notice Sandy’s head did not hit the alcove when the head/back was raised.

They used a foot stool to get into bed.The mattress is only 7.5 inch thick but the adjustable system raised it 5 inches. So the combined height of the bed system is 12.5 inches above the platform.

The view of the bed from inside the Winnebago cabin.

A final shot of the happy couple who met 30 years ago on a horseback riding vacation when Sandy and her group literally cross paths with Ed. As they say, the rest is history!!