RV Adjustable bed: Custom King Doppelflex MX2

Two independently operated 2 – motor custom Half – King Adjustable system ( 34.5 X 78 inch) screwed on 72 X 78 inch platform in four places with L-shape brackets. Piano hinge to lift platform to access storage is 29 inches from the headboard. To continue to access the storage compartment, cut the external frame 29.5 inches from the back of the adjustable bed. The remaining external frame is screwed on the lower platform with four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed that are pre – installed. This allows the lower platform to be lifted up, as per normal, to access the storage area, without the whole adjustable bed being lifted off the platform.For further information, click here:

STRAIGHT BACK OPTION: In addition, both adjustable beds have the head and back sections set up to move in one plane. The default is to allow the head to raise up first without moving the lumbar/shoulder. Side sleepers love it but some people with GERD/Acid reflux , prefer to sleep on their backs and do not like the head to be tipped forward. The ‘Straight Back ” option addresses that desire for a flat head/back motion.

RV Mattress model: Two DW 800 mattress medium firm to the comfy. Each 34 x 79 inches

RV Model: 2016 Triffin Phaeton QBH 40

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Customer: Patti & Bonny Benson.

Hi Yong!

We got the bed installed and it all works great! Thank you again for all of your verbal instruction which was perfect for Bobby and me to follow!


We can’t wait to go somewhere now to use it!

Thank you again for all of your assistance which was invaluable every step of the way!

Very sincerely,

Patti & Bobby

Completed setup! Bobby and Patti set it up by themselves and called me for tips.

Bobby placed the adjustable suspension on the platform and lifted the foot section to access the inside of the external frame to screw on the four brackets that secure the suspension to the platform. (See below)

There are four L-shape brackets to secure the lower section of the adjustable bed onto the platform. Bobby is starting with one on the inside of the external frame.

Bobby moved the L-shape bracket from its location at the end of the external frame where there was no platform to screw it on – to a location just north of the black rod to screw onto the platform.

Screwing the bracket on the platform.

He attached the two mattress side stoppers on the right side of the adjustable bed. One stopper is at the foot and the other close to the head region. There is another set of two side stoppers for the left side of the adjustable bed on the left.

Here he is screwing on one of two foot stoppers so the mattresses will not slide down and off the bed.

Placing the mattresses on the bed. Each mattress weighs about 50 pounds so they are not heavy and easy to move, flip and remove the cover when they are washed. The mattresses are symmetrical and can be slept on both sides.

Ready for a great sleep experience! Great job Bobby and Patti!