RV Adjustable Bed: Clear Space of Platform is 69 X 76.75 inch.

Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (34″ x 76.0″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 13 inches. (Platform hinge location is 12 inches from headboard). This results in approx.63 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed. This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy)  Two custom mattresses, each 34 X 76 inches.

RV Model: Country Coach DynoMax

Customer Location: Summerville, OR

Customer: James Hutchings

This was a local installation by our team and was completed within 2 hours.


We brought in the slider and first screwed down the adjustable bed on the platform after lining both adjustable beds in position. You can see the L-shaped brackets in the background. There are four brackets to be installed for each adjustable bed, These are to keep the beds from moving and are sufficient to hold the beds and mattresses when the platform is raised for storage access.

You can see the head of the bed has an air-gap of at least 1.5 inches from headrest so when the head is raised, the mattress will not graze the head rest. The side of the bed is flush to the platform side. We snaked the power cord to the white plastic power boxes that were placed under the slats. Another option is to place the power boxes in the storage compartment under the platform and snake the cables through a hole made in the platform to connect to the motors.

The side of the head section of the bed has ample clearance from the side table to raise without grazing the side table. The power is tapped from the two 120 V outlets.

Elevated head section.

Overall perspective of the beds. The slats have been moved over to allow us to screw on the side stoppers on the inside of the adjustable frame. Notice that the bed raises first in the head section (without disturbing the shoulder) and then followed by the lumbar. Basically following the curve of the body. There is an option to raise the head and back together in one place.

Both beds raised. You can see the sliders on the double slats that can be moved apart to make the slats firmer , or moved closer together to soften the lumbar support. We  added four more double slats for a total of ten double slats for each bed.

Completely flat!

Head and back and knees completely raised!

Brian enjoying the new bed!

Brian perspective from the foot.

Brian and his Beauty!