RV Adjustable Bed: Clear platform 71 x 76 inches from headboard

Custom King Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (35″ x 76.0″ – Custom RV Dimensions). To lift platform for storage access, cut back external frame 29 inches. (Platform hinge location is 47 inches from foot). This results in 47 inch section of the lower external frame available to be screwed onto platform using four L-shape brackets for each adjustable bed.  This platform (with the adjustable beds and mattresses) can then be raised normally to access the storage area.

Mattress Model: Dreamwave DW 800 (medium-firm,to the comfy)  Two custom mattresses, each 35 X 76 inches.

RV Model: 2022 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40 IP

Customer Location: Glendora, CA.

Customer: Brian and Roxann Hess

This was local installation by our team and it took 2 hours.

We started by placing the two adjustable sections on the platform to confirm that the custom sizes were correct.

We raised the foot section to access the four steel L-shape brackets to screw them on the platform.

We attached the power cables of the white plastic transformer from the 120 V outlet beside the bed to the bottom of the motor, careful not to have the cables under the frame to avoid pressing on the cables.

We installed the side and foot stoppers.

You can see the side of our bed frame was just inside the guide on the platform and it also had about 1.5 inch gap from the side table. This ensured the back would not graze the side table when it was being raised.

There are two black plastic cups (see under the right hand) under the foot section that need to placed back on a black rod when the foot section is lowered. Failure to do so will not allow the foot section to be raised properly.

Normally, we place the two motor transformers in the storage compartment but this time, we placed them on top of the platform, under the slats in the center of the adjustable bed. Doing so preserved the access space.

Platform raised normally. No new struts.

Good clearance from the side of the adjustable frame to the side table and window valence.

Very clean installation.  Adequate clearances of the adjustable beds from the side tables.

Right bed lifted up.

You can see the knee is raised as well as the back.

Both beds are raised.

Foot profile when knees are raised.

Very slick dashboard!

Brian and his son made this slider to gain easy access to the storage space. If you wish to have them made for you, please email Brian: