This Fantastic Custom Van was built by Papago Vans on a Sprinter chassis. We consulted with the customer to select the adjustable bed, mattress and custom dimensions. These were shipped to Papago Vans who completed building the bed frame and assembling our adjustable beds.

RV Adjustable Bed:  Two independently operated custom adjustable beds.

Custom ALL SLAT SUSPENSION – Doppelflex MX2 TWO-MOTOR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM 29.5″ x 74.5″ – Custom RV Dimensions.

To avoid the rear door pillars, one edge of the top and side head sections was cut 6 X 6 inches to create a triangular space for the pillar.

Mattress Model: Doppelmat Mattress medium – firm (to the firm). Two custom mattresses, each 30 x 75 X 8 inches with same triangular cut as the adjustable bed above. (See more below).

RV Model: Custom Sprinter by Papago Vans

Customers: Mike and Melanie White

Location: Sedona, AZ

Each adjustable bed is secured with four L-shaped brackets on the platform. The inner side frame of the bed has a gap of 1 inch from the inner wall of the Sprinter so when the adjustable back is raised, it will not graze the wall which slightly curves inwards. The motor is integrated into the frame so the total height is only 5 inches! The top corner of the bed is custom made with a cutout to avoid the pillar.

After installing the two adjustable beds, there was about a 9 inch wide walkway between the beds. If you look carefully, you will see that we made the head section of the adjustable bed and mattress with a custom corner cutout to avoid the doors’ pillars

Beautifully finished installation. See the height of the mattress is just below the lower window trim. I would estimate that that the frame supporting the Axel Bloom Adjustable bed is about 14 inches tall. The total height of the mattress and bed is 12 inches so the total height of the bed is approx. 26 inches. The table accessory is perfect for this space and probably folds along the lower frame.

Very clear photo showing the back of the bed raised with the custom cutout for the corner of the mattress and adjustable bed to avoid the rear door pillar.

Modern layout that is stunning!

Congratulations Mike and Melanie!